Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 311 - Called by the reds

So, people have probably noticed, but I've been opting for more auburn hair in SL lately rather than my normal super light blonde beach bimbo Playboy bunny hair. Or, you know, the Swedish tone since I wear Truth's hair most of the time. :-p And trust me, I love that color! But it's autumn and I am simply called by the auburn. Plus, I wear Ryker's Isolde skin a lot lately and that skin goes a lot better with the auburn hair as well.

In my physical world, I'm a brunette. I know. A lot of people are surprised by that, too. :) But since I've been wearing the auburns & reds in world lately, my real hair has been called by the reds. So I'm sitting here right now with "Spicy Cinnamon" red hair dye on my head. Spur of the moment decision. But hey, if you like to dye your hair and hate hair dye smell, I'd recommend Herbal Essences. It kinda smells like the shampoo in a way.

I've been working on my new house a bit as well today, too. But, again, I ended up playing outside.


I really like my new bedroom. It's girly and very ME. Still needs work, but it's getting there. Next, I'm going to work on the living room. You have simply GOT to have a place for people to sit when they come over. It's all part of being a good hostess, you know. :)

Timer just went off, time to wash this dye right outta my hair!

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