Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 297 - It's Only Your Shadow

I have to admit - I'm not really on the whole shadows bandwagon in SL. I mean, it's cool and all for some pictures, I guess.


My computer is not so much a fan of the shadows. If you can see down near my feet, stuff started going to hell. But I did what I could.

My biggest problem with the shadows is that people are overusing them and using them in pretty bad ways. Your eyes in the shadows? Should not GLEAM like FLASHLIGHTS. If you're fashion blogging and you have so many shadows on you that your outfit is no longer visible? That's totally wrong. My friend Berry, however, uses shadows and uses them pretty darn well. So if you want examples as to how to use shadows in a natural way, her blog has some lovely pictures, and also shows how to turn shadows on using viewer 2.

I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, so I'm off to bed!

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