Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 310 - Downsizing

I'm having one of those nights. Those jittery, antsy, don't go into another room without the phone nights. My mom called earlier and told me that my dad is sick again. I know there is a recent round of stomach flus going on around here, but he's 72 and not in the best of health in general anyway. Even a cold is pretty bad on him, and he's stubborn and refuses to go to the doctor. I wish he would just retire. Retire, take it easy. But he doesn't and he pushes himself until he's sick. It's hard. It's really hard. I do nothing but think and pray. I am hoping that with rest this weekend, he will be better. I will be sleeping with the phone next to my ear.

To try to keep myself from going crazy, I decided I needed a new house in SL. I loved my Rise & Shine house from SPRY but it just felt so big for me today. I needed something smaller, more cozy. So I pulled out my Hope house from Funky Junk that Ulaa made for Project Donate. I had helped decorate it for her vendor shots, so I knew I could do it again. I ended up spending more time doing outside decorating, though.


I am not quite sure how I want the inside to be, although it will be similar to how I decorated it before for vendor pics. In my head, I know what I want. But isn't that always the way? lol

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