Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 296 - Stupid belt

My belt won't come off. No one else sees it but me. I've detached several times. I've tried other viewers. Sometimes it does come off, but then poof, back on. It's...yeah. I have cleared my cache but...nothing. Maybe a restart of my computer will make it come off? I don't know. But I'm tired. And I'm tired of my belt. I'm going to bed.



Asthenia said...

I had a similar problem, that an item stays in the 'my outfit' folder of viewer 2 and there was no way of getting the item out of there.
So I selected 'Replace current outfit' for a random folder of clothes or stuff and thats how i got rid of the item in the outfit folder.

Alicia Chenaux said...

YAY! That totally worked! Thanks! <3