Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 6 - Meeting the officiant

We finally got an officiant!!!! Aldwyn has a friend that HE was officiant for years ago, and so she happily agreed to be our officiant. AND because she's done this before, she has taken a biiiiggggg load off of my mind! Thank you, Pamala!!!

Oh, and she let me play my first game of Greedy ever, too!

Day 6 - Meeting the Officiant

I did NOT win. But now I want a Greedy table. Why doesn't the Marketplace have wedding registries?

So... the invites have been sent, the officiant is taking care of some things for us, and she had us set up a group for the wedding party and DJ so she can talk to us as needed. Yay! You guys don't know HOW much this takes off my shoulders. I was so seriously stressed out about the fact that we didn't have an officiant and now we do, so woot woot!!

Tomorrow is simply HAVE to get the mp3s ready for Elle. That is my #1 top priority. And maybe we'll do bouquets tomorrow, too.

Gah. And I still need wedding shoes!


Anonymous said...

Can lend you my old greedy board for a bit if you want :)

Tashi Core said...

Greedy is addictive. Good luck. :D And happy wedding too.