Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That crab danced on his face

So until we start tearing down the wedding set in preparation for a new house, we're going back and forth between Al's place and my gameroom skybox. He was too lazy to dance with me tonight, though.

Too lazy to dance

Tonight was pretty awesome because I got one of my old friends back! We hadn't really talked in about 2 years and I missed her a lot! I think the funniest part about it is that both of us have been wanting to IM the other, but neither of us wanted the other to say "Get out of my IM, asshole!" But now I have her back on my friends list and my plurk and I'm totally totally happy. :)

In between the re-friending and Al playing 84,000 ringtones on his new phone, I started to do a little inventory cleaning. Oh, it's scary, y'all. I was inching back up to 80k and that is so not good. I think I'm about to have to be completely and utterly ruthless with it. I had almost 1000 demos just hanging out in there. Loads of notecards that I don't care about, and landmarks I don't need. I even still had a folder of stuff from Spirit. Remember that store? I don't know if it's still around. They used to sell dance and cheer wear. There's no reason why I needed to be hanging on to a cheer uniform from the movie Bring It On 3.

There's also not really a good reason why I needed a huge crab costume either.

I gave him one big crab

Of course, I can't really think of a very good reason on why I DON'T need it...

I still threw it away, though. Ruthless!


Kit Jordan said...

I will never delete my Nutcracker Ballerina Princess costume from Spirit! NEVAHHH!

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! I had that costume! And those tall dance boots that I think came out around the same time as that costume. But they're gone now. It's sad but it was time to release them!