Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Girl Next Door

I've made it pretty much policy that the only renters on Bluebonnet should be people that I'm currently friends with. Only ONCE have I not done that, and it actually worked out REALLY well, thank goodness!! I've just always found that having my friends there means there's pretty much no sim drama, everyone is fairly quiet, and the place stays pretty cute. I'm not one of those "all up in your bidness" landladies. Pretty much anything they want to do with their parcel, as long as they're not being an asshole, they can do.

But that doesn't mean that I don't like going around and seeing what people are up to! I enjoy exploring around the island to see landscaping and decorations. [I don't go in houses/skyboxes unless I've been told I can. I know people say "It's just SL" but I think you should still be invited into private homes and not wander in like you have no home training.] Today I popped over to my newest residents' place. They had originally had a huge blacktop with a bomb and stuff, so I had to go check it out once I saw that they put a house down. And...I had to play in their sprinkler!

Playing at the neighbors

I hope they don't mind. I didn't smash the grass down too much or anything.

Aldwyn and I still haven't put up a house yet. I know where I want to put it when we get it, approximately, but I'm still not sure if I want to face it so we're looking at the off-sim stuff I bought for the wedding, or if we want to make that the backyard.

Holy shit! I've been married for one whole week!!


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