Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tear It Down

All good things come to an end, and it was time tonight to pull down the wedding set and push down the wedding mountains. But I had to grab a couple more shots of everything because honestly? I don't think I'll be able to throw together something so pretty again! :-p

The spot

Our gazebo

Awwww. Good times! After picking things up and terraforming a bit, it seemed almost sad and empty!

It was pretty while it lasted

But I really was ready to push down the mountains because it made me feel very disconnected from the other Bluebonnet residents! The sim has never been flat, and everyone does their own terraforming, but it's always been open and stuff. My mountains made it seem like "NO. YOU DON'T COME IN HERE." and I totally didn't like that. However, I DID really kind of like the layout of the parcel as we had it for the wedding. I thought it was really pretty! So I ended up doing a modified version of the layout. It will take some work still, but is terraforming your land ever truly finished?

We're mostly waiting to set up a new house. Ulaa has been working on one and I think I really want to use it because it's big and beautiful and has lots of rooms for me to decorate. Aldwyn still has his land for now, so that satisfies me when I need to be in a house, but soon he'll completely move in with me and we'll need a nice big house for the both of us. Of course, he'd probably be just as happy living with me in an empty skybox, but that's not what I want!! Plus, we got a lot of nice household gifts for the wedding, and I want to put them out!

I think I want a housewarming party after we get a house and move in. Al got a grill for a wedding present, so we could do a BBQ! Oooh...I'm liking this idea...

It's time to hop into bed and think about parties!

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