Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey, Big Booty Judy!

So my mom called me yesterday and she said to start making plans. Why? Because we're going to go visit family in a couple of weeks.


The last time we went down to visit with my meddling, but well meaning, aunts was last August when my mom's cousin died. For about 2 months afterwards, they kept asking my mom if I was ok because my ankles looked swollen at the funeral and because I'd had to go sit down at the cemetery. Well, if my ankles were swollen, it was because of the 6 hour drive and not drinking enough water. And there are reasons why I almost fainted at the cemetery that I won't get into. But I know the bigger reason why they were asking is because I hadn't seen them in years and have put on quite a bit of weight in the past couple of years and it was their nice way of asking my mom "Hey, why's her ass so big?"

They're meddling, but they're not mean.

So this means I have 2 weeks to try to drop a little weight because when I got on the scale today...


Yeah, imagine that face with me screaming and jumping off the scale in horror.

So for the next two weeks, I'm going to have to exercise every day like I'm on The Biggest Loser and cut out all the naughty food that I love so much. Like cupcakes.

No cupcakes :(

This is going to put me in a bad mood. I've already been dieting and exercising for the past couple of weeks but not in the "YEAH! I'm gonna change my life!!!!" way. It's more of a "Well, ok, I guess I can walk for 30 minutes or so..." But I'll be damned if I'm going to show up with fat ankles again. So it looks like for the next 2's all lean protein and veggies and healthy food for me.

Aw damn, veggies.

I am actually looking forward to the trip, though. I'll get to go swimming, do lots of shopping, and eat the most amazing Mexican food ever from people who really know how to cook it. [Yes, I understand I'm dieting to go eat food. Shut up.] I'm hoping to take our crappy laptop with me so I can plurk a bit and see about getting into SL once in a while to clear notices and chat. But mostly I'm looking forward to just relaxing and clearing my mind some. Most of my close friends know that the fall is usually hard for me, so this may be what I need to keep things from getting too bad this year. Let's hope!


Twinkles said...

Damn, Alicia! You are an inspiration in SL memes and pics! Add to that some great diet stories, and we all love that big booty, too!
Twinkles Thibedeau

Twinkles said...

Enjoy that visit, you've earned it!


Natasha Burke said...

I know you can do it! <3