Friday, September 11, 2009

I like that! And that...and that....

It's been a daydream of mine that I become so incredibly famous that designers close sims for me to shop on alone, or simply bring their items to my doorstep. Hey, I said it was a daydream!

As I've mentioned before, a bunch of my friends and I are having a Yard Sale this weekend on my island. We started setting up last night and this is as close to my daydream as I could have ever wanted, because there is SO MUCH STUFF already!!

Yard Sale

I spent time last night hanging out on one of the couches with a couple of friends and looking at all the stuff. And then I bought the couch. LOL! I couldn't help it. I liked it and it was cheap and it will go in one of my skyboxes!!

Of course, when I logged in today, I noticed new stuff. Including this Sad Bunny chair that SySy put down. I knew the bunny had to be mine.

Sad Bunny

I'm telling you guys, this yard sale is AWESOME. Soooo much stuff. Even clothes and accessories! You absolutely MUST come to it. We officially open tomorrow at 8am, but if you happen to stop by early, well, I can't stop you. ;) But just know that people are still setting up today, so there will be more stuff tomorrow. [And if you want to come sell some things, just IM me and let me know!]

As for me, I'm trying hard to keep myself up in my skybox. Otherwise I'm going to be doing way more shopping!!

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