Monday, September 14, 2009

What a weekend!

No posts this weekend, but I was really busy! The yard sale was AWESOME. We had SO SO SO much fun and I think everyone made at least a little extra cash. :) I know we managed to clean our inventories at least a little! People will begin picking up their items today [Monday] but if you want to stop by before late Monday night to see what's left, please feel free. All items not picked up by Monday night around 10 or 11pm SLT will be returned. I'm going to try to return things one by one just so you guys don't have a big blob in your lost & found so it's easier for you to pack away for the next sale or delete it. :) Thank you all so much for such an INCREDIBLE turn out. I never expected it would be so huge!! And yes, we will most definitely do this again, maybe in November after the Halloween sales & hunts, but before the Christmas/Winter hunts?

I'm off to bed, but I wanted to share a few shots from the sale. :)

Opening Morning

Yard Sale - Opening Morning

Granny Wilma coming to see what bargains she could get.

Yard Sale - Granny Wilma

SySy, me, Sehra & Nikki holding a noob rodeo - complete with Blingis!

Yard Sale - Noob Rodeo

Aisuru getting a ride from the Wandering Noob.

Yard Sale - Aisuru Rides A Noob!

Wilma [in her more normal state] and me taking a sit while Tyson ... does stuff.

Yard Sale - Hehehehe

Thank you again to everyone who came out to sell, and big thanks to everyone who came out to buy! It was a most amazing weekend, but I won't be sorry to have the island get back to our normal [well, normal for us] routine. :) Goodnight!

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Josue said...

ROFL.... that last pic made me laugh out loud.

Wow... am I f***ed in the head?