Thursday, September 17, 2009

So happy :)

I haven't been doing very well on my blogging every day thing, huh? LOL! But I have been trying! I've just been busily hanging out with my new guy and I've just been having a lot of fun. :)

After all, who else would let me build a very preppy colored house around them while they cook dinner?

Aww :)

Or make prehistoric porn before my very eyes??

Oh dinos!

Even though I love my house and will keep it up, we're moving into another fabulous house that I picked up from Xstreet a few weeks ago. :)

[It's been gray in my RL lately, so I made the sky match in SL.]


I love this house and have SO wanted to use it, but I didn't really have a use for it, and any skyboxes I have, I usually stick to the lower prim one room kind to decorate. But now we can use this because it's home. :) Well...home with no furniture. LOL

In the skybox

How we'll decorate, I have no idea.

I guess I should get back up on the posestand. I've got blog pics to take. As much as I love my new wacom, it's a lot slower for me to use it rather than use the mouse. But the effect is better on my face, so I guess I should just suck it up and learn how to use it more efficiently. One day! :)

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