Monday, September 7, 2009

This is an ex-chicken!

I heard something today on Plurk that kinda made me laugh regarding the TOS for the Sion chickens. Apparently if you get rid of your chickens or kill them or something, you're supposed to tell Sion about it.

Uh. Whoops.

So therefore, I am addressing this letter to Mr. Sion Zaius.

Dear Sion,

It's totally dead.



Renee Harvy (Duh!) said...


I didn't take an photos of the slaughter the day I decided I couldn't afford the prims anymore. I hope Sion will understand :p

WillowC said...

I wonder if we should all bundle up our ex-chickens in a sort of feathery snowball and roll it at him. Y'know... just to keep him informed...

Fricker Fraker said...

Mmmmmmm Chicken! Eat Mor Chicken!

Dear Sion,
Could you please create SionBarbque Chicken Sauce. :)


Natasha Burke said...

lol, too funny!

Emerald Wynn said...

I just saw a reference to this post over on Marnix's blog. OMG oops.

*puts my slaughtered chickens in a gift box and sends them over?*

I'll cut him some slack because I think he's kind of cute in RL.