Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A whole year & a look at the Swamp Hotel

Just FYI, the yard sale is over. Everyone's things have been picked up or sent back, so if you show up and you find yourself in an empty beach...well, there ya go. LOL

What a difference a year makes. I remembered [late] that Sunday was the one year anniversary of me getting my island. A year ago everything was so chaotic. My partnership was over, I couldn't help my close friend other than being an ear...I was a mess. I was incredibly sad and upset for so long. I didn't know what would happen next. I was pretty much suddenly alone, with this new island, and renters that I didn't know at all. I had no idea what I was doing - none!

But throughout the year, I really started to find myself and my place within SL. I stuck by someone for as long as a person possibly could [a little over 6 months] despite being really alone almost constantly. I've made friends, I've lost friends. I found comfort and love in the arms of someone who had been there all along, and when that relationship ended, I was stronger. I've learned expensive lessons along the way, but through it all, I think I've become a better person for it. It's funny how much changes in a year. :)

Now I find myself starting something new. To start it, I had to hurt someone that I honestly do care about a great deal. I'm hoping the hurt is minimal, since I'm not really worth more than a sugar pig-out [LOL!] but more than that, I hope that we remain friends.

It's been a hell of a year. I'll say that much. :)


So Tyson and I went out tonight to explore the Swamp Hotel, a place I found in the SL showcase or whatever they call it. It's advertised as this mystery place and you have to figure out what happened to some people who disappeared. Well, I enjoy a good mystery, so we tucked ourselves into voice so we could explore more easily, put our thinking caps on, and teleported over.

Unfortunately, the Swamp Hotel is not exactly self-explanatory. In fact, we didn't see any signs at the landing point telling us what to do. So we took a turn, went down a pipe and...

[20:47] Swamp Hotel whispers: Congratulations. You have escaped from danger, and survived to tell the tale. The world will know what became of the lost souls of the Swamp Hotel

Uh. What?

We laughed SO hard! It took us longer to rez than it did to mistakenly "win" the mystery! What the hell is THAT about?!

But on the plus side, we got to smack some zombies with a wooden board.


I didn't just stand around letting him hit the whole time, I got to kill some zombies, too. :-p

We explored around the sims a little more and sat for a long time on a horse just talking about so much stuff and laughing about the dumbest things. The Orange Island sims - very nice. The Swamp Hotel - very lame. LOL

I'm exhausted, so it's bedtime. :)


Emerald Wynn said...

WOOT! I made the quote of the moment!!!!!

Weird, I was just looking at that old "Thank you for the oBscene cleavage" post on my blog (because I referenced it in that post today) and thinking about HOW MUCH "both" my lives have changed since writing that one.

I had, like, this happy little SLife in that little beach house that I rented from you, and my SL existence kind of revolved around just being a dork and playing pranks on Sehra with big blangin' food and trying to trick Bon into making out with me. (kidding)

My writing back then was much more carefree and less weighed down. Now it's sort of . . . well, heavily medicated. :\

And yep, your life was so different back then too.

It's sort of why whenever anyone says to me, "I'm thinking of starting a Second Life blog, but I don't think I can write," I always yell, "DO IT! — My blog is priceless to me in that it chronicles all the changes and emotions my life goes through, in SL and RL. I'll flip back several months, read a post and think, "WOW! Things have changed SO MUCH!"

Sometimes we feel like we're sort of plodding through the days when all along we don't realize that we're really evolving. Or at least I do.

Now that I'm done writing a book, I'm going to bed.

P.S. Sorry I smashed my Star Wars land rover thingy into your house tonight.

Sierra said...

Ah, Swamp Hotel. Did you find the elevator that takes you down to the beginning of the game? (Not too far from the tube you fell down, as the crow flies.) Or how about Firefly, which is better than Swamp Hotel? Romantic, yet haunting. Sadly, it won't be around much longer. The creators (MadPea Productions) are coming out with a halloween maze to make up for it, though.