Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love Thursday

Love Thursday 9/3/09

I touched on it briefly in my last post, but I thought I'd elaborate more for a Love Thursday post, since I seem to keep having issues doing one. With as many times as I say "I love it" during the course of a day, you'd think I'd always have something! :)

So what do I love?


I love butterflies!

Butterflies intrigue me. They're beautiful, light, free. They flutter wherever they wish. They spend their days dancing in the sunshine and smelling the flowers.

But they weren't always like that. They start out as crappy little caterpillars. These weird wormy things with legs. The kind of thing where when you see it, you almost want to just squash it because omg, ew.

Do you really want that landing on your leg? Me either.

But out of that creepy crawly thing comes a soaring beautiful butterfly. It's kind of like a lot of people I know, actually. They keep themselves wrapped up in a cocoon and eventually they shine like a butterfly.

I also like butterfly kisses and butterflies in my tummy from someone special, but that's totally different. :)

So that's my Love Thursday of the week. Butterflies.

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