Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh....go buy it.

I'm a little sad. No Lotus pics ever graced my inventory. How will I ever find out what happened to it?!

Anyway, I was going to show this off in my style blog, but honestly? I'm really really lethargic today. So, I'll show it here because I really like it.

Castle from Luna's Boutique

This is my new castle from Luna's Boutique. I love it. Luna's is having a sale right now where everything is $176L. Maybe it's an all the time sale. I don't know. But what I do know is that this castle rocks. It comes furnished too. Not a lot of furnishing, but it's still nice inside, if a little dark.

Inside the castle

There's even a secret dungeon. It's really cool. The bedroom is nice too. With the furnishing, it's like...225 prims. Something like that. I'm not in world so I couldn't tell you. But it's a little over 200 prims. Go buy it and find out for yourself.

I have a real love of butterflies. No, it hasn't replaced my love of bears, but I do love love butterflies. So when the awesome Aisuru mentioned some new butterflies on plurk and then asked if I wanted a tp to go see them, I took the teleport right away.


Since I'm not in world at the moment, I couldn't tell you the name of the store or the creator, but just use this SLurl and you'll find them. They're in a mall, so it might be laggy. But they are AWESOME. They flutter around so so pretty and it's only one prim!! I'm using 3 prims for all the butterflies in that picture. Oh, and they're only $10L and mod/copy. So go buy them.

My friend Grant gave me blog topics earlier today, so I'll actually have some better posts in the future. Hopefully. :)

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