Friday, November 6, 2009

Crashtastic party, but lovely lips!

So in an attempt to be more social yesterday, I went to Ryker's "Check it out, I make pretty skins that you need to buy" party. :)

Ryker's party

I actually wasn't going to go. I wanted to, guys know me and crowds. But I was talked into it by Isabeau, who told me if I didn't like it, I didn't have to stay. Oh. LOL Sometimes you just have to be told something that simple for it to click.

It was a VERY fun party, though. However, I was crashtastic everytime I tried to move my cam around. :( Tyson and I went back later after he logged in, but he seemed to be crashtastic too. It was slightly more stable for me in the evening, but not very much.

But, it was fun. :) Annnnnd I had to buy a new skin. I was going to choose an everyday makeup, but this one was just too fun to pass up on. Of course, now I want more more more!

This is Sienna in You Love Me. I love the little heart lippy!

Heart lippy

Love love love.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! :)

Ali's Thanks of the Day: I'm thankful that I'm going back to the gym tonight. Exercise clears my head and makes me feel better and more confident. I'm also thankful for my RL bestie of 14 years who makes it possible for me to go. :)

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