Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, miracle of miracles. I found a house. :-p If you follow me on Plurk, you've been with me pretty much step by step of the Great House Search of 2009. [Thanks for not defriending me over that, btw.] The funny part? I was on page 300something of the residential structures listings on XStreet when my friend Chase told me that his house was from O-Magine and if I liked it, maybe I could IM the owner to see if I could buy it, since the store is not currently in-world. I turned to Xstreet and looked, and sure enough, you can still find O-Magine houses there. I saw a couple that I liked, but then a lightbulb went off in my head. I have a couple of O-Magine houses! I had totally forgotten all about them!

So I ran in-world and sure enough, one of the houses that I had seen listed that I liked was one that I had. What are the odds?

My new house

It's the Homestead house. It's a little primmy, and I was really hoping for a 2 story house with more rooms [this one only had 2 big rooms], but the style is what I wanted and I kind of love it. :)

I will admit picking up the old house made me a little sad. We'd set it down and I'd decorated it with high hopes...but stuff happens, so I can't moan about it anymore.

While I was starting to set it down, Lolita told me that there was a naked Santa at Shiryu's RezDay party. I had planned on stopping in at the party anyway, so that was as good a time as any!

Unfortunately, I missed the naked Santa, but I did have a chance to go snow tubing and sledding with Lolita and Boss before heading over to the dance floor. Naked Santa managed to turn himself into ... I don't know. The Silver Surfer? With cornrows? Yeah, I don't know. But he had started the Intan and was dancing alone, so I hopped up on the pink ball. [He may or may not have offered money for anyone willing to dance with him, but I never saw a $L. LOL!] Everyone was a bit quiet, so talking to him was kind of fun, up until I crashed out.

Shiryu's party

After I got back in world, I decided not to return to the party and instead go back to my house. I got it settled down, and did a little bit of terraforming, and modded the house a bit to fix the windows. Not that the windows were bad, but the placement wasn't working for me. I decorated the inside a bit, but it still needs quite a bit of work. I'm looking for a really great indoor Christmas tree now. But what I'm MOST proud of at the moment is how the outside turned out.


Isn't it just so pretty? The gorgeous lights are by my friend Aisuru and you can buy them at her shop, Beloved Custom Designs for the low low low price of $75L. Actually, there's 3 different kind of lights in the pack, so it's a great deal. They are the perfect lights for the picture I had in my head of what I wanted. And if you notice, even though it's a little dark, I'm sitting in a sleigh. It's so cute! My friend Layne Jewell made it, along with those candy canes. She doesn't have a shop, but sometimes she drops pretty things on me that she's been making. I think it's fab! I am just so so pleased with how the outside of the house turned out. I am not very good at decorating, so when I get something that works, I'm just thrilled.

But, again, I've stayed up way too late working on this, so it's most definitely bedtime!

Ali's Thanks of the Day: I'm thankful it's a heck of a lot easier to decorate for Christmas in SL than it is in RL! LOL!


Isabeau said...

Congrats on finally finding a house that you like. You did a great job decorating. It looks quite homey :)

Krissy Muggleston said...

Makes me want to decorate my house for christmas. Only I have a prim budget. :( Have you seen the snowmen from Artilleri? Tres cute.

Casandra Shilova said...

Wonderful job decorating! Your home looks very welcoming.