Sunday, November 8, 2009

Work the runway, sweetie!

I'm a huge fan of Second Life fashion, as most everyone knows. However, I'm not a huge fan of SL fashion shows. Even the smallest ones seem to be incredibly laggy and the models almost never rez all the way. It's very rare I attend shows. But, when I found out that my friends SySy and Shiryu were having some of their designs presented in a fashion show, I knew I'd brave just about any amount of lag to go check it out. Because well, I adore them. :)

Before the show with SySy & Shiryu

This show was put on by a modeling school and so of course, the models were students. I have pretty mixed feelings about modeling schools in SL because the best models I know? They didn't go to school for it. They're beautiful women who know how to edit a prim on the fly and can basically walk a straight line or know how to point their eyes at a prim so a photographer can move the eyes where needed. But hey, if someone wants to pay however much it costs to go to modeling school, that's their deal. And if any modeling school staff would like to talk to me or show me what the schools actually do, I'd be more than happy to check it out. :)

These models, bless their hearts, they seemed to need a little more time in the classroom. Luckily SySy and Shiryu are totally easy going because holy of this show were just BAD. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at some points! Maybe that's mean, but what they were dealing with was more than just the normal fashion show lag. One model had on the wrong shirt. Another took "runway" too literal and was running in a formal gown from spot to spot. At one point, one of the models either didn't know how, or didn't notice, but his shirt collar was up in his ears. I wish I were kidding. If I could have stopped giggling, I would have gotten a picture. And then, even though there WERE some transparent bumpers around the runway, another model fell off the runway, flew up, hovered for a while, and then crashed.

But, it was fun to spend an hour hanging with a couple of friends I don't really get to see or talk to outside of IMs because they are often busy working. And although I'm quite familiar with their work, it was nice to see it presented. Huge kudos to both SySy & Shiryu for being so incredibly nice, too, because I know some designers would probably have had a fit by the middle of the show.'s 5am. It's SO bedtime.


SySy Chapman said...

*still laughing* LMAOOOO omg <3 Ali!

There was flying models, running models, ghost models..OH! doctor spock models, no socks dude...BRILJANT! XD XD XD

Giuseppe Nelva said...
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Giuseppe Nelva said...

Eheh, it was actually funny in a way. But in the end it wasn't that bad. When you give the go to a fashion show made by a modeling school you have to pretty much take in account that it won't be perfect. After all it's free :D
While it's true that many of the best models I know didn't go "to school" for it, it's also true that they had to learn it somehow, and most of the time it was because someone had the patience of running them through several nights of training and explaining all the tens of things that could go wrong during a show.
In five years since when runway modeling in SL was just an idea in the brains of few visionaires to now, I saw so many of the ones that now bring the title of "top model" "supermodel" "big ass model" and so forth, stumble against invisible walls, fall from the runway, screw their routine or forget their fitting...

In the SL of today, where everything is accelerrated and people don't have time for each other, and even less time to teach and share what they know, modeling schools definitely have their niche. Of course like every activity in Second Life, some will do it well, some will do it poorly. There isn't "big money" in the modeling market, so most do it because it's their fantasy. So in the end if there's someone helping people to achieve that fantasy, it's all good :D

Giuseppe Nelva said...

In the end, though, you're definitely right Ali, even if they're a laggy hell and sometimes thing go wrong, events like this are a great opportunity to meet friends and have a laugh together :D
This one was very fun and we had a lot of great people around us. Also, I was able to show on the runway with Sysy that's one of my favourite designers of the "new generation" and a great friend :D so for me it was definitely a show worth staying up for :D