Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 18 & losing prims

Yep, combining again.


SL has been doing a really weird thing with me lately. I'll crash or log out, and when I log back in, I'm missing a prim. Not that I just can't see it. I mean, it's completely taken off. Today I logged back in and I was missing the invisiprim that goes to the bottom of my boot, and so my shoe based crazy looking foot was bursting through the boot. That is so unattractive.

Thank goodness I wasn't wearing that crazy Chiki Chiki prim shirt from Sweetest Goodbye. I've already flashed enough people with that.

I've got cooking and stuff to do tonight, so I'm cutting this short. :)

Ali's thanks of the day: I'm thankful this month is almost over! LOL!!

1 comment:

Shattered said...

Oh, this gave me a much-needed lol before work (yep, no holiday off for me).

Oh, SL, we love you. If it's not attaching hairs to your cooter, it's making your foot bust out of your shoe like the Kool-Aid Man.