Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Explorations: Cetus

I'll admit it. I'm a lazy blogger today. I am completely backed up on blogs to do for my style blog, and I have a lot of other little things that I should be doing. But I'm not.

Last week, my friend Bon dropped off another LM on me for a kind of funky place on the Cetus sim to explore. A couple of days ago I finally got out there. It was awesome! Because this illustration?


Was brought into SL. You could even jump on the bed!

Come to life

Jump jump!

It was really just the coolest little exhibit. Almost like Greenies in a way! Scottius Polke, the artist behind it, is really talented and I enjoyed myself quite a bit.

But the best thing was that I teleported from that area to an art gallery, and then went outside to walk around. Oh my gosh. It was so beautiful out there!!



Just gorgeous


I highly highly highly suggest you all check this place out, especially if you're into art. It's just amazing and there's so much more I didn't show. Thanks again for an awesome suggestion, Bon!!

Ali's Thanks of the Day: I'm thankful that every day I'm in SL, it's like being in an incredible work of art.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, thats fantastic! Must visit!