Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 19 & some DJ stuff

Wow, day 19 already!


I hope everyone had a good holiday, or just a good day. :)

I'm really excited because tomorrow at 7pm, I'm DJing my first fashion show! I'm not speaking during it [this time] but I'm happy. :) It's the Musashi-Do 5th anniversary fashion show and it starts at 7pm. And after THAT, I'm DJing his big anniversary party! If you don't make it to the fashion show, definitely swing by for the party. It should be fun. :) Not to mention there's a 50% sale all day and at 12pm Lollo String will be performing live. It's a BIG day!

And and and...I'm DJing on Sunday at 6pm out at the Shoe Expo again. Rez races, anyone? LOL Nah, the lag shouldn't be QUITE as bad this time around. But there is also a fashion show earlier that day there at 2pm.

I'm so drained. I think tonight will be an early night for me. Maybe. Fifty Linden Black Friday does start at midnight...

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