Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 57 & my texture issue

Dear Second Life,

As much as I adore my skin, I kinda don't feel like wearing my face for a shirt.


Actually, this has been happening quite a bit lately when I log in. I log in and sometimes my face is black, or my body is. Or if I log in/change clothes and put up another window while I'm changing [I multitask like crazy], I'll have another texture on me. A rebake fixes it and it's not a huge deal, but I just wonder what's causing it. Maybe my new graphics card?

I'm going to go see about unsubscribing from some SoMs now.


Peter Stindberg said...

Ohw, this happens to me quite a lot. Sometimes my own body textures, sometimes my chat window, sometimes the surroundings.

Emerald Wynn said...


Josue Habana said...


Well, I had a little glitch a couple of weeks back where the contents of my IM window became my shirt. Yes, a nice image of my IM window pasted all over my torso.

Good job I wasnt saying anything I shouldnt have been....

Wilful Sunflower said...

Which viewer are you using, Ali?