Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 81 - The day they tried to help

So first, my actual 365 day project picture. Spring came to the island early last night, and as such, my happy bunny hill came back. I don't usually let the default SL day run because I like it bright, but today I was just sitting up there and the moon came out.


Now in other news.... Because spring came back, I needed to update my house. Over my fireplace, I had a great wreath that Aisuru had given to her group and I loved it. But it was for Christmas, so I had to take it down. But that left the problem...what to put above the fireplace? Believe it or not, within 12 hours, 2 men suggested a moose head.

In what world do I look like the kind of girl who would have a MOOSE head above the fireplace?

That led to my plurk friends attempting to "help" me.

Marnix tried to be helpful.

More help.


Thank you Marnix, Aldwyn, Luna, Sarra, Fricker, Caillaigh, and Clementine [Clem's gift is not shown. There was no way I could show it and remain family friendly!] for your gifts. It means quite a bit that you think so much of my taste.

/me walks off muttering to herself.

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