Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 60 - Sophia's Challenge

So my hetero life partner Sophia plurked a challenge. Show what you used to look like versus what you look like now. She never really said noob, just what we used to look like. I thought I'd just go back in my blog and pick the first picture and call it a day. But I realized that I still had an "emergency" folder in my inventory from March 2008. Cen and I used to make emergency folders because we used to regularly change avatars and we needed something that we could always go back to quickly. So I realized that THIS folder was really how I used to look - the normal skin, shape, style of clothes, etc. I popped into it, cried, took a picture, and then popped into one of my outfit folders that I created last week.

It's amazing what a good skin will do. lol


And that's day 60 of the 365 day challenge as well! Only 305 more days to go! LOL!!

1 comment:

SophHarlow said...

Pfth..for me you are always perfection and adorableness.


Thanks for doing this, sweet face of caramel popcorn love.