Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'll never be a social butterfly

I've been having a big ol' case of winter blues lately, so I've been a hermit in my skybox a lot the past couple of weeks. But yesterday I actually went out to a few things, so because this blog has been terribly dull lately, let me show you pics. :)

I first made my way to Mexico to take pictures of a dress. Then I realized later that I was wearing the dress wrong. *sighs* Well, not WRONG, but there was one extra thing I should have been wearing, so I'll have to go back later to reshoot the pics. But while I was there, I had an audience.

I have an audience

My Spanish is minimal at best when writing, so I didn't have much to say to them.

Later, I headed over to the Mensweek Fashion Show, because it was the Musashi-Do show and I wanted to show my support. It was laggy, as most fashion shows are, and the funniest thing was that one chair was shooting people out of the sim. At least 3 of us ended up like this!

The rogue chair did it.

Lag is really hell when you're doing a show because a lot of the time, you get that crazy "I'ma just keep walking" thing. C'mon, we've all been there. It's like sim crossing, but not since you're not crossing a sim. lol

Lag...bad for runway!

And of course, the sim crashed during the show. [Hey, that's a sign of a good show, right?!] But that was ok because at least when we came back, things were a little better and faster to rez. And if I'd missed seeing guys this cute in these hot suits...I think I would have cried.


Seriously...put a suit on a guy and I get weak.

Speaking of cute guys, here is Rob and Shiryu sitting for the show. I had to wait forever to get this pic. Rob's pants just did NOT want to rez!

Rob & Shiryu

Oh, and here's a picture of this guy who kept telling me inappropriate blowjob stories during the show. I dunno who he is. :-p

Just some guy

Later that night [much much later, it was probably near 3am for me], Mr. New World Notes Hamlet IMed me and asked if I wanted to come dance at a small party for RMB City, because it was the one year anniversary party, and the inauguration of a new mayor for the city. Then he really clinched it by saying he needed a celebrity type there. Oh Hamlet, how you stroke my ego. LOL! I think I wasn't so much a celebrity type as I was someone who was simply online at the time. But either way, I wasn't doing anything else, so off I went.

The new mayor

Hamlet & me

RMB City is actually a pretty cool, if crazy looking, kind of place. If you like exploring, I would highly suggest it, just because it evolves over time so there's usually something new to see.

RMB City

RMB City

I'll never be a social butterfly that goes to a bunch of events in a day, but once in a while, I can kind of fake it. :)

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