Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 75 - A little SL, a little RL, and a purse challenge

My friend Velvet sent me a panda. After the evening I've had, coming home to someone warm & cuddly was nice.


I've been complaining for a while about a pain in my left shoulder blade. A couple of weeks ago I started having some pain in my lower neck/upper back area. I have tried sitting differently, sleeping differently, and wondered if maybe it was my pillows or my mattress. The other night I was just in pain! I just couldn't understand what the problem was.

Yesterday I went out for a bit to hit up Target and Bath & Body Works. As I was walking into Target, the pain started again. Then I realized something.

My purse is too damn heavy.


Apparently my SL inventory hoarding issue is a RL issue as well. If I had to carry my inventory with me in SL, my avatar would collapse under the weight. Today I dumped out my purse.

"WTF Mom?!"

That's my cat, Holly, yelling "WTF MOM?!"

A few months ago, we did a big "What's in your purse?" challenge. Sophia told me we should do it again. So dump out your purses/bags/backpacks and take a pic. Show us what you're carrying!

This is a better picture.

The reason I have back problems

If you go to my Flickr page, you can see all the notes of what I'm carrying. But to sum it up - I carry too much crap with me, including THIRTEEN lipsticks, balms, and glosses.

I'll tell you this much. If we had to carry our inventories with us in SL, I think I'd be a Linden bear away from having to push a shopping cart and having full plastic bags tied to my waist.

But at least my lips would be decorated.


Casandra Shilova said...

Wow, just Wow!!

Jdtrue said...

Wow you had a cat in your bag.... :)

Casandra Shilova said...

One of my assistants was told not to use a tote bag, but to carry a small hand-held purse by her doctor because of the problems the weight was causing her physically.