Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 82 - I'm not throwing it away

I've been playing with my yard. It's not terraformed very well. LOL


But I'm working on it. I kinda know what i want, but finding it is the big thing. Same for the inside of the house. I saw something I liked earlier and I thought "Well, you know, I can just BUILD that." And it's true, I could. But the problem is finding the next part because while I could build it, I couldn't build it for less prims. And honestly? How hard is it to find a simple, low prim, and inexpensive votive candle with a nice flame and that isn't a light source?

Pretty damn hard.

You'd think in my inventory I'd have something, but for some reason, all the candles I own are no copy/no modify, and that is NOT going to work for me. I have some that I would love to use but because they're no modify, I cannot pull them from their stands and holders. Ridiculous.

Speaking of inventory, my friend Emerald has a massive one. So massive, in fact, that she ended up on New World Notes for it.

I understand how it happened. Sales, hunts, regular shopping, gifts, fatpacks, it all adds up. If I allowed myself to open every single box and kept every hair color or makeup or shoe color in a fatpack, I could easily surpass Emerald's number within a week. The problem is, there's no really GOOD way, if you're an avid shopper, to keep your number from soaring unless you're really really good at organizing, boxing up, deleting, or having multiple alts to shop with. Yes, I can transfer things I'm not using if it's possible to do so to Piper or Aidan [my 2 alts], but so few things are transferable anymore.

Some people in the comments were saying that having a huge inventory number is the fault of the user and we should just throw things away. Well, they can suck it, because some things I will NOT throw away. And why should we have to throw things that we paid for away just because there's not a way to place them in a storage or something of the sort?

As I mentioned when I was boxing up my ETD hair, these things hold memories for me. I have items in my inventory that were given to me by people I will never see again and I cannot get rid of them. I have things that I bought from stores that no longer exist and I cannot get rid of them. I do throw things out regularly that I am not using or that I do not want, but some things...I cannot and I will not.

If you keep a low number of items in your inventory, how do you do it? Do you just not shop? Do you not get attached to certain items? Are you really that good at putting things in boxes?

Maybe I'm just too sentimental. But if it comes down to being too sentimental and keeping things or not caring and throwing things out because nothing means anything to you, I choose my kind.


Anonymous said...

I'm that way. I have stuff already that I couldn't possibly throw away no matter what. I was shocked when people talked about deleting ETD hair. I couldn't do it if I had it.


Terri Zhangsun said...

One thing that helps me keep my inventory number down. Is that I don't carry my furniture or prefabs around with me. I store them in crates in my house and then use the crates as decorative peices. My inventory is at 16K but my goal is to get down to 10K.

Camille said...

I can't figure out either how some people manage to have only 10-20k only in their inventory. I started with a bit more than 104k before I decided to clean up. I'll be happy if I hit 60k. But knowing me and my shopping habit, I'm sure the number of items will go up soon after I'm done with my cleaning.


Renee said...

My Issue was I hardly ever had money so I rarely shopped in the 2 years being in world. But also I'm an organizer extraordinaire so I have things unboxed from hunts & deleted as soon as I can since a lot is junk. Also a ton of my stuff was old deals & freebies so i deleted it all when I returned to SL slowly cuz styles have changed etc & I dont volunteer as an officer anymore so handouts were deleted too!

Victoria said...

I have so much stuff that has sentimental value, I'll never part with it... even though the number of items in my inventory makes several of my friends twitch.

Krissy Muggleston said...

I can't part with old stuff either. :/ I call it "vintage". But I have a newb question: How did you box your ETD hair? I thought that was a good idea so I rezzed a box and tried to throw my ETD hair in it but it's all no trans. I'm doing something wrong.

Alicia Chenaux said...

You aren't able to drop in folders, so you'll have to drop the hair [or whatever you're boxing up] individually or shift-select everything in the folder and drag it over, and then rename the box with whatever you placed in it. Then, should you choose to open it back up and put it in your inventory, the folder name will be there.

Anonymous said...

To control my inventory numbers I periodically delete all the landmarks, notecards, unpacking scripts, and textures. The fastest way I've found to do this is Show Filters, make sure only 1 thing is selected (like notecards), make sure everything is alphabetical order and then ctl select everything I want to get rid of.

After a hunt, or sometimes during, I go through and delete all the landmarks, even if I don't unbox anything once I'm done with the hunt I don't need those landmarks. And since most places have 2 landmarks per folder that can easily be over 200+ items right there.

I never keep any landmarks, even for places I go to all the time I just always use search. Or if I need to look at the creator's profile and look in the picks.

I've managed to get my inventory to around 16K by boxing up a bunch of things I'm not using and also deleting. I deleted all my ETD hair -- I can't remember the last time I wore any of it.I bought a bunch at the last sale but then I realized there were styles I bought that I think I've wore once. I did that with a lot of hair and clothes and shoes. Some of it I realized I bought in 2008 and I don't think I wore. Maybe the day I bought it but that was it.

It also helps to look for duplicate items and copy items you may have taken back into your inventory and then deleted. I found 7 copies of one table. That adds up too.

I'm not that great at organizing but I'm getting better at.

Krissy Muggleston said...

That worked! Thanks for the info.. :)

Asthenia said...

I guess I am not very emotional about my items. There are very very few things in my inventory that are emotionally valuable to me. Besides my pictures. Most of them are on my computer and not clogging up my inventory though.
I also started to keep my clothing in fatpacks in boxes per color. So i don't have prim cuffs, collars and what not in 10 different colors in my inventory.
I kinda see my inventory count as my virtual weight. So uhm, a lower number is better xD

Emerald Wynn said...

Yeeeeeeeeeah! :D

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