Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 63 - All that and a bag of bitch

I'm in one of those "Don't ask for my opinion, because I'll give it and you're not going to like it" moods today. So I'm hiding out in my skybox.


This is my favorite skybox at the moment. It's across from my photo area, so I just hop back and forth when necessary. It's my little quiet place away from everything. I believe only one other person has ever spent any time in there with me, that's how guarded I am with my skybox. lol

So did you guys see the Vain "awards" nominees? Excuse me while I gag a bit. Some of them I do agree with, but most... gah, are you kidding me? Styles of Edo? Puh-LEEZE. The Jazzologist? Who in the world is that? Models hardly anyone has heard of, stores where only a bare few people bother shopping at anymore because, I don't know, it's not 2007 anymore... Everyone's been joking about these on Plurk today. I don't know who exactly was doing the nominations, but good grief. Of course, if I ever actually paid attention to the Vain group anymore, I might have seen that there was some voting to be going on, but I close pretty much every notice & group chat pretty quick these days. I'm not even sure why I'm still in the group.

So last night the homes tour continued and we all headed over to Heidi's and Black's home. Oh my god, their house makes mine feel so completely lonely and dull. LOL!

Viz'tin Heidi & Black

Their home is very steampunkish, and just....very cool! They have lots of great little details here and there and it was really fun getting to visit them with other friends. :)

They have a TIME MACHINE, for pete's sake!
The time machine!

Fricker had to stop and gaze at himself, but Heidi wouldn't let him use her lipstick.
Fricker is sooooo pretty!

This is where the magic happens!
This is where the magic happens

Any time I get together with my buddies, it's a good time. :) Although I will admit, visiting their home made me a little sad that I live alone. lol Tomorrow the tour continues as we invade visit Asthenia's home!

I'm feeling bratty as hell, so I really better close this down before I start talking about something else.

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Emerald Wynn said...

Sigh -- I REALLY want that time machine. I'd have to get rid of everything else on my parcel though. It has something like 400 prims.

Heidi's house is cool!

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