Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 85 - I didn't think I was short!

For some reason over the past couple of weeks, I've felt like I've been getting a lot shorter. I was standing next to Sophia the other day and I could have motorboated her. Today I was standing next to Gauge and look how SMALL I appear next to him!


Am I shrinking and don't realize it? Or do heels really give me THAT much height? I've been wearing flats a lot more recently. I haven't changed my shape at all. Maybe I need milk or something. LOL

Btw, that's Gauge's new mainstore location. His store is called +blacklisted+ and he sells some cool shirts for men & women, and some lingerie for women. I'll be blogging his shirts soon, when I get out of this slump. :)

I've been continuing working on my yard for the house the past couple of days. It's slow going because I'm so picky about most things. I want it all JUST right...or at least as close as it can be to just right. I would almost pay someone at this point to just fix the yard for me!

But speaking of that, it's back to work. I WILL get this done this weekend so I can stop thinking about it!


Gauge Laville said...

shawty *grins*

Casandra Shilova said...

You're not short. He's tall.

The perspective shown by the camera angle is favoring Gauge. Moving it to the front would give you your full height. Swinging it to your side a bit, would look better.

Sculptie shoes make a huge difference in height by adding not only the heel height, but air under it. We can't see it, but our flat foot is still there.