Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 62 - Viz'tin

It's freezing in my area. I hate it. LOL But if I had a really pretty purple coat, I'd probably enjoy the cold weather more.


Btw, you can own that coat on January 8th by going to Musashi-Do for the SL Daily Deal. It's only available in purple on the 8th, so be sure you get it then!! It's also almost half price from the regular December Warmth coats, and only 250 will be available. You know you want it!

So the best ideas from my friends always come out of a random comment. My group is doing home tours. It's not that we can't just go over to each others' houses whenever. But it's more like... well, this might be a old southern thing, I don't know, but ladies used to have "At Home" days. People would come over during a certain time and hang out and stuff. That's kind of what these remind me of, except that basically we're just coming over to snoop in houses and chat.

Last night, we went over to check out Eva Bonner's place. Her house is so pretty, this picture really doesn't do it justice.

At Eva's home tour

She was sweet enough to let those of us who couldn't make it during her home hours come over afterwards.

Tonight, we'll be heading over to Heidi's & Black's home.

Black, his kitty, and Heidi

Whether he'll be holding a kitty or not, I have no idea.

I haven't yet signed up to show off my house. It's still semi-decorated for Christmas, so I need to finish getting things back to normal.

Oh, speaking of home tours, it's almost time to go viz'tin!

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Wilful Sunflower said...

Yes, I need to get my garden back to normal too before inviting people over LOL. But Envision is still snowy atm. And I am busy with RL and exhausted after all the shopping I did to set up the winter stuff. So... I dunno, maybe in March? LMAO