Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 83 - Getting dirt under my nails

I asked on plurk this evening where to go to get some trees. My yard is starting to take shape and I am in need of trees to fill in spots. One place I headed out to was New Trails. I didn't see anything I really wanted, but I ended up climbing up on a rock because it was just so so pretty there.


Last night I was working on my yard and I decided I needed to move what I was making to the backyard, because of the wonderful view. But to do that, I needed to move my massive house, make sure all the furniture and decorations moved right, terraform more...on and on. And quite frankly...I'm not good at any of this stuff. Plus the ideas in my head of what I want don't always transfer into SL, because my building skills are not that great and because I can't seem to find everything that I want in SL. It gets quite frustrating! But, I am lucky that I have so many friends who know a lot more than I do about where to shop for home/garden supplies, and they've been a huge help so far.

*sighs* Back to the grindstone.

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