Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 66 - Not much going on

This is me, sitting on Sophia's porch, wondering when she's going to log in. Are you sad for me?


So Shiryu kept telling me what a great game Dragon Age: Origins was. [I think his heart broke a little when I told him I'd recently purchased Super Mario Bros for the Wii.] I decided to go pick up the game today. I am not a gamer. Not at all. The last game I was really into was The Sims, and as we all know, it's not like there was a huge point to The Sims. This game is...challenging for me. Yes yes, I'm playing it on easy level. A monkey is probably better at the game than I am at the moment. But it's interesting! Here's a not so good pic of my character. She's cute and small and has a tattoo on her face.

Dragon Age

If I could change anything on her, I'd fix her hands. Oh my god, everyone in this game has like, enormous crazy big hands! It really really distracts me at times.

I'm freezing, so I think I'm off to make hot chocolate before thinking about playing the game some more.

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