Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 56 & how I spent my New Year's Eve

So when Codie asked me if I'd be interested in DJing at Rouge for New Year's Eve, I jumped at the chance! I hadn't planned on going out because I have a cold and because I don't like to take my chances out on the roads anymore during NYE just because of all the drunks. I am so so glad that she asked me to DJ because I had an absolute BLAST last night!!! And now, of course, you all get to see pictures. :-p

Me, on top of the DJ booth.
New Year's Eve - DJing at Rouge

Such a fun crowd!
New Year's Eve - Rouge

I had probably my first real fangirl moment in ages when Phaylen Fairchild showed up. I've been such a fan of hers for so long. :) It was also her 7th rezday!
New Year's Eve - Phaylen!

Of course, Linden Lab was doing rolling restarts, and wouldn't you know it, Rouge got hit during the party. Everyone scattered and some of us ended up on neighboring Leek Island.
New Year's Eve - We had to run!

But, all was well and the party picked up just as big as it was before.
New Year's Eve - Yay!

Another crowd shot.
New Year's Eve - Good crowd!

This pic makes me laugh because it looks like Gabby had a little too much to drink!
New Year's Eve - Oh no, pick her up!

After my set, DJ Dancien took over the air and I hopped down to dance with Moggs. I never get to party with her, our time zones are just too different!
New Year's Eve - Moggs!

I also hopped up on the pole with Dan, because hey, why not?
New Year's Eve - Pole dancing with Dan

Then we all decided to hit up Madame Maracas's party! Party bus, forward!
New Year's Eve - Party hopping!

I don't know why he has his own pole...but considering I think I'm the only person I know without my own, I'm not really going to question it. That's the great Madame dancing near!
New Year's Eve - Madame Maracas!

All in all, it was a fantastic way to usher in 2010! I hope to get out a see people a whole lot more now, because I just had an absolute ball!

And yeah...I dragged myself home at the crack of dawn.

New Year's Eve - How I made it home


Josue Habana said...

LOL, love the closing pic.

And sorry to hear about the cold over the festive season. I have had a monster of a cold that I cannot shift over this season too (and when I am rubbish when I'm sick)!

Gabby Panacek said...

Happy New Year! And OMG Ali, it was sooooo good to have you DJ at Rouge! Thank you so much! This party was filled with all of my favorite people, I couldn't have hoped for a better night!

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Two posts this week with you passed out on your porch? We may need to have an intervention. :-P

That pic of Gabby is priceless!

Codie said...

hahaha that night was epic win! thanks so much for DJing that night, that was way too awesome. *mwah!* happy new year again Ali, looking forward for you to invade Rouge again in the incoming year! <3