Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 74 - I'm socially sad.


I don't actually have a laptop in the physical world. I have a whirring, loud, pretty powerful desktop. But I kinda want a laptop. Not just for SL, but just to have.

I've been in a strange mood the past couple of nights. I want to be with people, but when I get the chance to hang out with someone, I kind of clam up. So I guess maybe I need to be around people and have something to do OR I need to be around people who can keep a conversation going. Not sure which!

Tomorrow and Thursday I have show rehearsals for Friday's fashion show. That should be fun. I spent some time tonight making outfits for quick changes. I'm wearing Rebel Hope and RFyre in the show. I need to go through my poses and find some that show off the outfits better.

This blog post? Really dull. LOL Someone come up with a good blog challenge, please. :)


Renee said...

You're in luck. I can definitely carry on a conversation. Also my rezz day is on the 21st & I was thinking of throwing an impromptu party either wednesday, the day of my rezz day or afterwards. Its not planned only cuz it depends on rl schedule etc

Also I have a few challenges coming up, just getting the details together and such.

Casandra Shilova said...

I also want a laptop in RL. I exercise and then I plop in front of my desktop. If I had one, I would sit out on the breezeway on pretty days.

Krissy Muggleston said...

I like having a laptop because I'm often in SL sitting in the family room recliner with my family. (Although I'm sure you have WAY better internet access than I do). And I'm exactly the same way with crowds. I always hope I look buried in IM when I'm quiet. ;)