Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Changing To Wordpress

Blogger recently gave notice that they will be blocking blogs with sexually explicit content starting on March 23rd. Although neither of my blogs have ever really been sexually explicit, I believe that this is Google's way of gradually phasing out Blogger. I also don't believe in unnecessary censorship and yes, I do believe this is unnecessary.

So I'm making the switch to Wordpress. If you have my blog in your blogrolls [thank you, btw, if you do!], I would appreciate if you would update it to my new Wordpress address. I'll also be contacting the owners of the feeds that I'm on to change my blog URL, so if you normally read me through a feed, you'll be able to see my posts the same as usual pretty soon.

I'm not terribly familiar with Wordpress yet, so please forgive me if things here seem disjointed and crazy for a little bit while I get used to my new blogging home. Thank you! ♥


That was the message I posted for my style blog. Since I'm not on any feeds with this blog, that I know about, I'll expand a little more on this.

Man. Changing to Wordpress sucks. I mean, really sucks! I've been on Blogger since 2007, I'm used to it, and I find it incredibly easy. I've been able to make my blog pretty much exactly the way I want it by just dragging and dropping things all over the place. Wordpress, though? #JesusFixIt

So you might be asking, "Okay, Ali. If you hate Wordpress and you're not about to start showing vagina all over the place, why move?" Well, like I said, I really do think this is the beginning of the end for Blogger. Yes, there have always been content filters here. You could mark your blog as adult and that was that. Now it seems like that's not that. If it starts with this, what is next? Any curse words might get your blog marked private? They decide, like on Facebook, that avatars are not welcome? Or they decide at the end of the year to just shut down Blogger altogether? Eff that. I'm not waiting around to see if that happens.

But it's a bummer. I like Blogger a lot. I'm having a lot of trouble getting used to Wordpress because there is just more to it. Not a lot more, but enough that it's irritating. And I know in a month or so, it'll be second nature to me and I won't even think about it any more, but until then... I'm bitching about it. A lot.

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