Monday, March 31, 2008

The Tale Of The Skirt

I hit up the Sh*t Happens [SLurl] sale today, and as soon as I saw this skirt, I knew that I HAD to have it.

Trashy Skirt from Sh*t Happens

This skirt reminded me right away of those skirts made out of ties that were popular somewhat when I was in high school. Then I knew I had to tell this story, even though generally I don't tell a lot of RL stories in here. So gather round, kids, and let me tell you a tale full of woe. Well, not woe for me. I actually laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.

Back in high school when the tie skirts were becoming popular, my friend Jen decided she was going to make herself one. Ladies, you know the kind of skirt I'm talking about. Guys, if you don't, think about how it would look if you hooked a bunch of neckties in your underpants and made a skirt out of them. Now, here's the thing. One of the skinny size 0 girls in my class could have done the tie skirt with around 15-20 ties, but Jen had a little more junk in the trunk, so she was going to need a whole lot more ties. I'm not calling her fat, she had a beautiful curvy figure, but she was a bit too curvy for this kind of project. Her dad right away said no, he wasn't giving any of his ties to her for this mess, so we hit up a lot of thrift shops. For her size, we ended up having to get 40 ties. She set about cutting and sewing and really making this into some enormous project. But finally the finished product was ready and she strutted her tie covered butt into school like she was on Project Runway.

The problem was, Jen wasn't a very good seamstress. Her first day of wearing the skirt, it started popping at the seams, threads were falling out, and the ties started just flapping around. And did I mention Jen wasn't always big on underwear?

Altogether, the skirt project cost her about $75, a lot of time, and almost sent me to the hospital because I couldn't stop laughing and almost had a heart attack when one tie completely fell off right before our calculus class.

But you can get this skirt for $20L, and it does come with some glitch shorts. :-p

I have a headache!

I really do. This is weird. It's been 3 days...the "I want caffeine!!!!" headache should have been gone by now. Ah well.

After a hard hour of power shopping for furniture tonight, Cen and I took a break on her hammock.


So could SL have been more screwed up today? lol I'm not going to really complain too much. Databases crash sometimes. It's all in the world of computers and technology. But it did make the day kind of frustrating when I couldn't log in for ages or tp anywhere or buy anything.

I am getting a TON of compliments on my new skin. So either it's just that damn good, or I was walking around looking crazy before. :-p I'm going to go with that it's just a great skin, since I know good and well you all wouldn't let me walk around looking like I fell off the ugly tree.

Oh, and a new episode of DiVAS came out today!!! YAY! Click the link to go directly to the video. It was great as always!! Plus you have to go watch since QueenKellee makes a guest appearance. :) There was one part where Evie fell over, and I swear, I laughed so hard, I had to pause the video.

I ran into Quaintly Tuqiri tonight at the Analog Dog non-sale. LOL 2 hairs were supposed to be on sale throughout the weekend, but by the time we made it there [wasn't even midnight SLT], they were no longer on sale. :( Personally, I'm not a huge fan of hair that's all alpha layers anyway, but at that price, it was going to be worth it since it can come out just lovely for pictures. But it was so nice to finally run into Quaintly. :)

And I got to meet with one of my blog readers while I was sitting outside of my store building. Hi Mena!! :)

Wow, I should have been in bed ages ago!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Randomsity - Pictures!

So since a database crashed and therefore I cannot FREAKING LOG IN, I thought I'd entertain with some very random pictures. :)

This is Niki humping me. She loves me. LOL

Niki loves me

Last night there was a live Motley Crue tribute at the club. This is Tommy Lee. Kind of. I don't know. :-p Doesn't look much like him to me.

Tommy Lee...kind of.

I get really bad lag sometimes at the club, so I turn off prims & alphas to help out. Then I end up spending the evening looking at this kind of mess.


Following a tip from QueenKellee's blog, I went to the Tunnel of Light. OMG, it's SO COOL. You have to have Windlight for this to look good, meaning you must now be on the Release Candidate viewer. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. I took a bunch of pics, but really, it's something you'd have to see for yourself.

Tunnel of Light

Yesterday morning, Sam and I went to the wedding of Serrina & Chop. They own C&S Woodworks, which is in the same sim as The Viper Pit. It was a nice wedding. Her dress, as you can see, was enormous.

Serrina & Chop's Wedding

I guess I'll see if I can sign in now. Or not. :-p

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blah blah blah blah blah

I don't know how long this sale has been going on or when it's going to end, but all the skins at Sin Skins [SLurl] are $199L each. This does include the specialty skins like the Drow skins and the Geisha skins. So if you're in the market and don't have a lot of money to spend, that's the place to go. I had a Sin Skin as my first skin in SL [$1L pack for newbies, so if you help out the new players, take them there] and they are very nice skins. The island is huge, so you might spend some time flying around to find your shade, but there's a HUD too that you can use to get around. I usually just fly. lol I *think* these are all just female skins. I've never seen a male one out there, anyway.

Party tonight at The Viper Pit!! [SLurl] I think it'll probably start around 6 or 7 SLT. I'll be the DJ for the evening, and there's no theme this time, but I think the next party will be a themed one. This may be moved to tomorrow since SOMEONE NAMED SAM is choosing to see RL people. :-p LOL

Someone bought one of my belts last night, and left me a very nice note in my mailbox that it fit her perfectly without her having to do any kind of adjustments. I love that. I know that it's so hard for the petite avs to buy accessories, so when someone tells me "It fit perfectly!" I get a big kick out of it.

Oh, btw, Colorful!! I got your note and just have been too lazy to IM you back. LOL I love your ideas and have been playing around with the killer one. :)

I really wish I had a big cup of coffee right now. Oh gosh, last night I went to the midnight event at my club, and this kid came in and he was SO ANNOYING. And yes, I did ask myself first if it was him, or if it was just my mood. LOL But most of the others seemed annoyed by him too, so I figured it wasn't just me. Poor child got the rough side of my personality. A friend of mine said he just didn't know what to do when I was making comments to the guy because it's so unlike me, but he loved it. I can't be gracious and charming all the time. :-p The kid actually didn't seem to notice and everyone else was entertained, so it was all in fun. And yes, I keep calling him a kid, because if he was over 19, I'd be highly surprised. When the first question he asks is "Are there any emos here?" you're pretty much guaranteed that he's young. That question was met with a lot of "ROFL" and the "*insert name here* is emosad ;_;" gesture.

Breakfast time. :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

From Crampy To Bouncy

I woke up this morning with the WORST cramp in my leg!! Oh my god, I couldn't even straighten it out, it was that crazy. So combine that with no coffee this morning, and I was in a pretty foul mood when I logged in.

But that changed when the awesome Celeron Voom of Urban Trash [SLurl] dropped a shirt on me that was made especially for me!!!

Princess Blogger

Princess Blogger! LOL How great it that?? I just love it. I think I'll wear it everywhere now so people know who I am. :-p

My friend Etherian took me on a little shopping trip today to Earthstones, and I finally bought the chakra belly chain I've been wanting. It has a resize script in it so FINALLY a belly chain that isn't a hula hoop on me!! I picked up a few other things too, including that gorgeous diamond flower set that is in rose quartz that was made for Relay For Life. So see? My shopping isn't always just about me...sometimes it's for charity too. :)

He also took me to this super crazy place that had things to ride and do and bounce on. Tons of fun!!

Crazy Place


He's a hamster

After the crazy place, we went back to my diner and hung out with Sam while I changed my outfit about eleventy-million times and fussed with my belly chain.

Oh! And I bought my new skin from La Sylphide. :) [SLurl] You can see it in the first picture. It's just so lovely, and I can't stop looking at how pretty my lip color is. I MUST find this shade in RL. Can you believe it? This is the first skin in SL that I've paid more than $100L for. But it's the first one I just couldn't live without having. :)

Ooh, and the sale at Reaction [SLurl] has been extended a couple more days, if you haven't been by yet!! Of course I had to go hit that again too, although there isn't much in there left that I wanted and don't already have.

So although my day started off with me hurting and cursing like a truck driver, it's shaped up into a very very nice day. :)

Wait wait, I almost forgot!! I'm officially stating that tomorrow evening we're having a party in the courtyard at The Viper Pit, which is where my store is located. More details later on what time and if there's a theme, but I hope to see a bunch of you there! :)


Sorry, one quiz before bed. says I'm a Cool Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

Skipping from topic to topic

I have a headache and I can't sleep. Ooh the detox is starting. :-p Speaking of detox, I think I need to go to rehab.


I spent a lot of the evening looking at houses. No, not for me. There are a lot of very pretty prefab houses out there. I've never really looked before since I've always been in apartments in SL. If I ever did need a house, I think I'd end up buying one of the Pillow Talk houses, though. I still think those are just so pretty and almost fairy tale like.

Cen and I were talking earlier and I think this Saturday we're going to have to have another courtyard party at the Viper Pit. It's been far too long since our last one and I haven't gotten to DJ in a while. I also think that a lot of us need a party to just forget about things and have some fun.

Dear men - "You look tasty" is not a pickup line, no matter how much you'd like it to be. It's especially not a pickup line when said tasty is quietly working on something and not talking.

I think my next big purchase is going to be a skin from La Sylphide. I've just loved the one that I got from the Cal Gal Friendship Week, but the makeup is just a little heavy for everyday wear. But I went and got demos tonight and I think I want to buy one.

I guess I'll attempt bed now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Pic Of The Day - I'll Never Let Go, Jack!

There's an awesome boat dock on the grounds where I live. Unfortunately, my boat driving skills are about as good as my car driving skills.


I'm gonna do it this time!

I'm trying to wake up without caffeine. I mean it this time! I'm going to quit all caffeine for at least a month!! Or ... two weeks. No, a month. My last little "I'm quitting it" stint was barely a couple of days. Just enough to make me moody and write some bitchy blogs. LOL So apologies in advance for any mood swings you see me go through. I'll be great in a few days. :)

I was contacted a few days ago by Violeta Caproni and she asked if she could provide a link to my blog in a class on freebies that she's putting together since my early blog posts could be useful. I was very flattered, so of course I said yes. I think in the next day or so I'm going to post a kind of "Conclusion" on the $5L A Day Project which will hopefully be helpful to her class, and to anyone else who happens by.

For some reason lately, people who are overly huge like to come stand by me and exclaim "You're so tiny!" I have no idea why. I mean, I don't mind. It's just really amusing. But I still don't know why they do it because I'm certainly not the smallest avatar running around out there.

It's Thursday? Aw damn, I have to host tonight. LOL Oh well... I have to do something to support my new EarthStones addiction.

It may possibly be naptime.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This was one of those days where I just seemed to pack a whole lot of cool stuff in not a whole lot of time. :)

First, I want to say a big thank you to Joshooah Lovenkraft of Perfect Partner! [SLurl] He dropped a few more on me so don't be surprised if one day you come in world and find a soldier boy or a Dominatrix on your doorstep!!

Second - This right here has got to stop. I'm serious! Yes, it's after Easter, you can wear your white shoes, but not like this.


Yeah, the shoes bling. So not good.

I dragged my new friend Levi out to Primtionary tonight. I love making people go play with me. LOL Not that either of us guessed anything. But we were cute and our outfits matched, so you know, that makes up for not guessing. Did I mention that I met the gorgeous GoSpeed Racer at Primtionary the other day? It's THE place to be, people!!

After the game, Levi took me to the coolest place! It was just this big crazy island full of colors and prims and stuff!

Crazy Place

Ok, where we were standing was neat because if you walk over the side JUST right, you do some CRAZY bouncing through the air and then land back in the same place!! I only managed to do it right once. The other times I landed flat on my face. But I did manage a cool shot while I was flying through the air.

Defying Gravity

There was also this elevator thing that took us under the sea. It was really neat with all kinds of fish. We ended up hopping a ride on one of the smaller sharks and talking while we went round and round and round. This was one of the better shots that I got, since from the way we were sitting, I was half in his kidney and his arm was shooting through my stomach. LOL Gotta love SL sometimes.

On a fish

Tons of fun! I love when people can show me awesome crazy places like this. I don't always get a chance to see a lot of places just because I'm at the club, or at my store, or shopping. There are just so many places out there that people have put together and they hardly get explored. I want to see all of them!!

I think I'm going to call it an early night and head to bed. I bought the book "Snow Crash" today, which apparently was the inspiration for SL and other things like SL. I'm not a big sci-fi reader, but supposedly it's good, so I guess we'll see.

I have a new boyfriend - again!

I have some of the goofiest friends in SL. :-p I was standing around my place trying to figure out what to wear to the event I'm hosting right now. Yes, multi-tasker. :-p So I'm standing there and I get a gift from SLX, with the message from my friend Dade that says it's from him and Rage because they love me. I know right away that this cannot be good. LOL I especially know it can't be good when both of them IM me laughing hysterically. So I open it up.

They bought me a new boyfriend. LMAO


Oh yes, it's one of those Perfect Partners that I've blogged here before. This one is named Sebastian, and he's a jock. So freakin' funny. They bought another one for the club and modded it so it says dirty things. But they said that they thought it was a perfect gag gift and wanted to send to someone who wouldn't get all bitchy over it. I laughed a lot! These things crack me up! They also said they wanted to help me out with my dateless problem. :-p

[Not that that's been a big problem lately... ]

Btw, do you see my shoes? I made them. LOL They're so deliciously cheap looking. They're fashioned after some cheap sandals I bought one summer that had fake flowers all over the top. I have an obsession with buying just the cheapest sandals that are cute in the summer. You don't feel bad getting your shoes wet in the sprinklers or dirty if you only paid a buck for them.

So only Casius answered the question I posed in my post before the last one. In the pretend men's only treasure hunt, Cas wanted gifts from Form, Redgrave, Blaze, Desert Moon Clothiers, Made Men, and Shiny Things. Are there more stores that you guys would love to see in a hunt? Who knows... maybe this idea could take off. :)

Btw, you ladies who are running around in white strappy heels and black hose, I'm about to stop being nice to you. I mean it. I'm about to start calling you all out on your poor fashion choice. I'm just giving warning.

I'm tired, but I'm wound up now from the event. Remind me never to sign up for a midnight shift again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"If I were omnipotent for a day, I would want world peace, no more hunger, good things for the rainforest... and bigger boobs."

I think I've found my new favorite jewelry store in SL. EarthBound!! [SLurl] It's exactly like a store that I would shop in [and have shopped in] in my RL! I walked in and almost immediately could smell the wood and incense of the shop. C'mon, you've been in stores like that. :) It's just full of jewelry with crystals and stones and symbols, and that is exactly what I like. If my RL friends would see this store, they'd roll their eyes and ask the clerk if they could just buy me a gift card so they could get out of this sandalwood and amber stink and get to a good store. :-p I just know that this is going to be a store I'm going to happily dump a lot of money in. The grounds are serene and the music is great. I've been sitting under a tree now for ages, just listening to the music. I was telling someone the other night that in my RL, if my life was an episode of "Friends," I'd be Phoebe. Just, you know, not quite as ditzy.

I think I may need a nap. I'm hosting a midnight shift tonight, so I think I need a nap if I'm going to make it. :-p

But...I'm getting the urge to try to make a long hippie skirt. So we'll see which wins out.

I'm too tired to come up with a title

Ok, so if there was to be a treasure hunt in SL for just the men, what stores would you guys be excited to get gifts from? I'm afraid I don't know much about where you guys are getting your stuff from. When new guys ask me where to go to shop, I have just a very few stores that I send them to, and none of them really offer any gifts like the womens' stores do. And, they're stores of MY taste, and might not always be what the guy wants.

I made another bracelet tonight just...I don't know, I was IMing at the time, so it was more of a "do something while you chat" project. lol You know how some people knit or do beading or do origami while they talk on the phone or are sitting around? I do that with building when I'm chatting sometimes. It's something to keep my virtual hands busy. If I'm REALLY into my project, I won't really chat, but this was just a busy work thing. The bracelet is cute, I like it. It's chunky, not really delicate, but kind of girly because I put a bow on it. I suppose if I'd felt like fussing with tiny prims, I could have made it a lot more elegant, but I wanted it to be chunky and fun. And I didn't want to work with tiny prims. :-p

I guess I don't really have much to say tonight. It's been a strange few days and I think I just need some sleep.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Someone chain me to a chair!

No, that's not some weird bondage title. :-p I need to stop shopping. With all the gifts and all the sales, my inventory is bulging at the seams. I have more clothes than I could possibly wear at this point, even though I change clothes a lot. Following a tip from Julieta's blog, I ran over to Rosemar [SLurl] and picked up allllll the delicious free gifts there. A pair of jeans, 5 sweater tops, a dress, and some slouchy green boots.

After that, I ran BACK to Reaction [SLurl] because I believe today is the last day of the sale and I was going to kick myself if I didn't get the rest of the shoes I wanted. And another hoodie. And another pair of Razies. And a tank top. Don't judge me. :-p

But, I do need to take the time to sort through what I've gotten, throw away things I don't like, etc. The Inventory goal this week is to get rid of 3000 items. Trust me, it's possible. LOL

I'm hosting an event tonight with DJ Punisher, if anyone wants to come out and hang. It's "So You Wanna Be A Rockstar." I'm not sure what that means. lol I guess just wear something cool? Guess I should start looking for an outfit in this jam packed inventory.

Poor Guys

I hopped on this morning to hit the rest of that grid wide egg hunt. It ends tonight, if you haven't done it yet. Most of the eggs are very easy to find, so it doesn't actually take too much time. If nothing else, go to Blaze and get the egg there, because it's a super sexy, and very short, blue dress. And go to Long Awkward Pose to get the Sweetheart pose set. It's so cute!

But I couldn't help but notice something. This hunt, like most of them I've been on, is very much geared towards the women in SL. There were only 2 eggs that I saw that had some guy shirts. This is so unfair! I see men on these hunts all the time. They want to have fun like the rest of us, too. Granted, most of the time the guys are just following the women in their life to help them hunt,'s unfair!! I'm not saying make a hunt entirely for men, but once in a while, it might be nice if they had some decent gifts.

I like most of the gifts that I gathered up on this hunt. Big thanks to the designers who help us not only look so damn good for so cheap, but who help us have fun at the same time. :) Your generosity definitely does not go unappreciated!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I was looking around in my jewelry box when I came across some jade earrings that I have. I love jade, and for a long time I had a beautiful jade bangle that was given to me as a gift. I ended up losing it somewhere. :( But I decided that I needed a jade bangle for SL. Then I realized I needed more. So, the black & green jade bangles were born.

Black & Green Jade Bangles

Nothing fancy, and definitely no bling. LOL Jade is always best in its simplicity. There's an enclosed notecard in the box with some things on jade, energies it is said to possess and all that. $25L at the Ch'Know store. [SLurl] Who knows, you might run into me out there. :-p

Creating and Hunting

On the business front, the Tequila Belt is just about ready to roll out. I should have it up [hopefully] by tomorrow evening. Extra shot glasses have been added, along with a "body shot wipes" package. The belt itself has a new dark leather texture, and the lock holding the chains together has been retextured and made slightly smaller. I am still not sure why this belt has taken me so long to do. SL building issues aside, it shouldn't have taken me this long. But it went through several edits. I think at last count, 17 belts are sitting in my inventory. I take a copy of my builds after each linking or retexture. I'm actually still debating on letting the label on the bottle go out like that...but man, I want to start working on something else. Like the tequila holster that goes across the chest. Damn you, Wrath. :-p But the next belt in the lineup is the Model Belt, as suggested by the future Mrs. Darwin. That one may also end up being a leg holster with some basics. I'm also getting the itch to make some very simple low prim jewelry. And maybe some piercings. I just want to create. I think that's what it comes down to. lol

I so badly want to write this extremely long blog post about something, and I can't. I'll just sum it up as best as I can. The past week I've kind of been dating someone. It's not going to work out. He's a nice person, though. that I think about it, I don't want to talk about it. I'll probably end up deleting this part of the post.

I stumbled into the grid wide egg hunt today without realizing it. I often just save notecards and landmarks as they come in and hit the places later. But when I went to one store, there was an egg. So, I decided that it was probably late enough in the hunt to where I could start at the beginning. Truthfully, I only wanted the pose set from Long Awkward Pose. :-p But I managed to bounce to a few places along the way. Blaze was rezzing super super slowly, so I forgot about it and ended my hunting. Maybe late tonight I'll continue on. I do have to say, though, that my favorite favorite thing that I've found on all these hunts would have to be the cupcake for my head that I found at the Lazy Places hunt. Why it's my favorite, I have no clue. My 2nd favorite is the bouncy ball from Weird Shit.

Back to making my nail polish bottles.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tsk. lol

I'm about to do something that is completely against freebie etiquette and, from what I've seen, against the rules of fashion blogging.

I'm about to give an actual opinion. Save your gasps for later. :-p

This morning before I left, I had logged in to just grab all the notecards that had popped up in the 4 hours that I'd slept, and I saw that there were some dollarbie hairs at Truth, and a free skin at a store called Arcane, which I'd never heard of, but I figured if it was together with Truth, it was bound to be good. I was pretty excited, because I love Truth hair and I love free skins. A quick check to the map showed the region COMPLETELY full, so I figured it wasn't anything that couldn't wait. I went out there a few minutes ago, found the hair, picked up some demos, flew around and found the new building for the skins, and popped home.

I don't think that the skin is something that I would buy. Now this is just a COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY personal opinion!! I have a few requirements for skins and what I like, and unfortunately these missed. And for $1100L for a single skin, and $4000L for the big pack, I HAVE to have the skin meet all my requirements!

The good: The shading and skin tones are lovely. I especially like the hands for some reason. I really love the lips. They avoid that "Joker face" look that some skins can give on certain shapes. The navel is cute, and the butt shading is nice and not too light or too dark. Have you ever seen a skin where the crack shading is just really really dark? Makes me wonder what they've been doing with their ass.

The "IMHO" bad: I hate the nipples. They're just too ... bumpy. And I'm sure some people have nips that look like this, and no offense to you if you do, but even though I never take my clothes off in front of others, I want nice looking breasts. The fingernails and toenails are also too light, but that is easily corrected with the manicure & pedicure layers that many of us have. [I need more pedicures!] The lady bits are also a bit odd to me. On this particular makeup [I didn't have the chance to see the others since it was still laggy out there] the eye shadow is just kind of weird and looks unfinished in the center. I'm sure that was the intention, and I'm sure someone will find it wonderful, but I'm not that girl.

I know what some of you are saying. "Oh my god! I can't believe you just talked shit about a free gift! How dare you! Send out the torches & pitchforks brigade! What a bitch!" Well, ok. lol I don't think of it as me being unhappy with the skin as a whole, since I'm wearing it right now [with sunglasses]. I am always excited with gifts, and always appreciative. You all know this. HOWEVER - I look at free skin gifts like this as being almost like a demo, without all the crazy "DEMO" print all over that makes it impossible sometimes to see what the skin really looks like. If I got a demo of this, I'd say the same as I just did. In fact, to make SURE that I was having the same issue with the demo skins as I was having with the free ones, I ran back out there to get all the demos and I stood on my posestand and tried them on one by one. It was pretty much the same. I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke up anyone's ass just because it's a gift. I think that would be disrespectful to those of you who read this blog and have gone out to get stuff that I've recommended. Just the way I look at it.

But that all being said, I'd suggest going out there to get the pack to judge for yourselves. Maybe you won't have the same issues I have with them [you all know how nitpicky I can be at times], or maybe they'll work better on your shape. I do plan on wearing this one because it is pretty. I just don't know how likely I am to go purchase a different makeup.

Arcane [SLurl]


Easter Bunneh?

I was at SecondWave yesterday and when I turned around...bunny. LOL So cute. That's a little avatar, not a prim.

Don't forget, the Help People fundraising thing is this weekend if you want to go.

Help People fair sign

I won't be able to go today, but I'm going to try to check it out tomorrow. :) I don't know which bands will be playing Sunday, but I'll try to find that out. Here's the SLurl.

I'm out for the day. My family celebrates pretty much every holiday on a Saturday because Sundays are for rest and laundry. :) Everyone have a great Saturday!!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Go to SL Fashion Police. Check out the hair pic.


Another Fruit Sighting

If you'll remember a few days ago, I spotted a Watermelon Ass while shopping. Watermelon meaning it looked like the person in question had shoved a watermelon in her pants sideways. Funniest thing is that many of you IMed me later to tell me that you've seen Watermelon Asses all over.

I ran into another today.

Another Watermelon

Another Content Theft Thing

This time Sioxie Legend of SecondWave Apparel [SLurl] has been hit. You can check out her blog to see the whole story, but basically someone ripped off her leather vests and is selling them. :( So Sioxie, who is doing a very classy thing [in my opinion] of not posting the SLurl or name of the store in question as to not give them ANY additional traffic, is selling all of her leather vests for $5L per pack. The leather vest sets are a mere $25L and include the mini skirt, cami and vest.

She's putting them up on SLX and OnRez as well, for those of you who do more shopping on those sites than in-world.

I hate when I see the designers being hit like this, but I LOVE when they don't just throw up their hands and whine and threaten to leave. I love when they stand up and do something about it without trying to turn it into a hysterical mob scene. [Not that the mob scenes aren't without their amusement at times.] So anyway, go pick up the vests. The pic of them are on her blog, and they're pretty cute. :)

EDIT: See? Cute! This is the black leather vest set, and I'm wearing it with the pink lace cami that was included. I bought another set in pink, and then a pack of just the basic vests. Heck of a deal for $55L!

SecondWave Apparel - Black Leather set

Randomosity - Part 2

Last night just as I was getting ready to head to bed, the cute little Macey IMed to let me know one of the freebie packs in my store wasn't marked for sale. That puzzled me because I know that last week it had been. So I tped over and sure enough, it wasn't for sale. The even more weird part, the contents were completely gone and the box was marked simply "Object." I fixed it, and then looked at my other product posters. One other was no longer for sale, but did still have the contents. So weird! This is going to drive me mad for a few days and I'll be constantly checking all the posters.

You know, I don't understand why people are wishing me a "happy" Good Friday. It's not really a day that you ... celebrate [well, not if you're a Christian, anyway.] It is primarily a day of penance. Although I know it's a celebrating day to some of you because you get off of work! :) You can wish me a Happy Easter, though. :)

Speaking of Easter, could the grid have gone more hunt crazy?! I am overwhelmed!! I like hunts, but there's so many I don't know if I'm hunting eggs or bunnies or rings or what. So let's just put it this way - if you go shopping anywhere this weekend, just look for random prims on the ground or hiding somewhere. Chances are, you've stumbled into a hunt.

Lunchtime. :)

Just...a lot of stuff.

This will probably be a quick "here's some pictures ok see ya" post because it's late and I'm really tired and I actually planned on going to bed about 2 hours ago. Sometimes, people just don't let you say goodnight right away. lol

I got to hang out with someone who reads my blog today. Hi Layne! She's the friend of my friend Doc, which is funny since she already knew all about me before he even mentioned my name to her.

So Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose and Laynie Link of LaynieWear have collaborated and they came up with some prop poses. I had the chance to go out and give them a try. They're SO FREAKING CUTE!! If you do a lot of photography, you should really go get these because it's a lot more interesting than just the run of the mill posing on a background thing. Check out a couple of shots I took. Excuse my clothes. Lately I've been a slob.

LAP Ladder Pose

LAP Big Block Thing Pose

LAP is probably my number one favorite store for buying poses, especially couple/group poses. We have some over at The Viper Pit that Cen and I have bought and we just love them. :)

So I got to break in our new and improved and way too big for its own good club tonight. :) Seriously, it's great. Lots of room to dance and just so cool. The funniest part of the night was screaming "Straight ahead and go up the fire escape!" to everyone who teleported in. A tp thing will be put in place soon to make the journey easier up to the club, but I was all for hiring a newbie to wear a wagon or rickshaw and take people to the stairs. C'mon... $50L for 2 hours? Better than camping!! Here are a couple of shots. First one is of the club from one view. The event was "WTF Are You Wearing," so yes, that's me in the gogo skirt, pink socks, platforms, and wild hair. lol The second is just a cute shot of Niki and Dade, since Dade decided to be a tiger.

New Club

Niki & Dade

After the event, I went to my store and ended up chatting for ages with people. At the end of the night, it was just Sam, ZZ, and me standing outside and Sam ... Ok, well, he's out of town right now but using a wireless connection which isn't all that stable. He was having some lag and some freezes and somehow in the middle of one of his freezes, he took the ground out in front of my store. Oh my, it was SO funny! One minute we're standing there, the next we're underwater!

Bad Sam! LOL


It's all fixed now, but I was rolling with laughter!

Of course, I'm also exceptionally tired and I'm sure anything would have set me off since I tend to get stupidly silly when I need sleep. So it's off to bed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New RC Viewer Update

So a new Release Candidate viewer came out today. I don't know if it's a mandatory update or not since I saw it on the blog and downloaded it. So far, so good. Not that I was having problems with the last one. lol It's helpful when you update viewers to not just uninstall your previous one, but delete the entire Second Life folder in your application data. You'd be surprised how that helps out when installing a new client. You will lose your "Home" and "Last Location" picture, along with most of your settings, but it's pretty worth it for a clean install, and you can always just reset your stuff. :-p

But anyway, yes, things are working fine for me. I'm not lagging too much, notecards are coming in fine, it's not taking forever for my map to pop up, and all in all, I'm happy with it. So yay. :)

Oh, and I submitted a pic to SL Fashion Police today. Cen's already seen it, but I'll be sure to point it out to you guys if it ever makes it up on the site. LOL


I saw this on Calaya's blog and of course I'm a sucker for a good boob quiz. LOL

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Charlize Theron

Parties and Other Stuff

There are so many times when I want to write about something in here to discuss it with all of you since I discuss everything in here. But I can't because I just can't and that sucks. :-p

So the island where I live, owned by the awesome Casius, has a big party like, once a month or so. Tonight's party was ocean themed and lots of fun! Annnnnd the future Thorne-Darwins were there, looking cute as can be.

The Future Thorne-Darwins

I was trying to look at Tymmerie's engagement ring, and then I caught this really funny expression on her face, which made me laugh for about 5 minutes for some reason. I don't know if she was wearing something that wasn't rezzed for me or what, but it's just so funny, I had to post it. Sorry, Tym. :)

Tymmerie says, "GROWL!"

I had a really busy day today. It was pretty much non-stop and even right now, I'm at an event at the club. lol There's going to be a fundraising carnival this weekend for the group Help People, and I made a couple of kissing booths for one of the members so she can sell kisses. :) If you've ever been out to my store, you've probably seen the one that I have out there. Same thing, just a different price on the sign. There's supposed to be mud wrestling and dancing and slug races and all kinds of stuff, so remind me to give you all the SLurl for it because it sounds like it's going to be really fun.

I also made a couple of signs for my diner tonight. This one cracked me up. Yeah, it was one of those nights where the tiniest thing would set me off into giggles.

ABC Soup

Ohhhh, and you know how I went mad at the Reaction sale? Well, I'm gonna have to go again because I picked up this dress and it's SO PERFECT. I mean, just what I wanted! You can wear it without the belt too, and there are two versions of the skirt, a scripted "Smart" skirt and an unscripted regular one. I'm wearing it right now at the event with flip flops and the Rust choker from Soulfire [Valryn, I miss you!], but you could easily pair it with some strappy heels and some jewels.

Reaction Dress

I just loooooove it. I want all the colors now!

Oh wow. Someone at the club was complaining about the music, without requesting anything from the DJ of course, and we told them to just leave if they were going to be like that without requesting. Then she called me an ass. LMAO! I love it! Most people tell me I'm really sweet. I just love when someone says I'm not. Especially after I told them not to let the door hit them on the way out. :-D

I have too much fun with the smallest things sometimes. lol

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't usually hit sales on the first day, and I especially don't hit them at "prime time" when they're almost sure to be packed. But when I got word that Reaction [SLurl] was having a REALLY great sale, I couldn't help but fight the lag and run out there!

I'm sooooooooo glad that I did, too! I picked up LOADS of stuff, all under $40L!! Including SHOES! Sneakers, to be exact! Cute sneakers that aren't bigger than my head! And flip flops and capris and sundresses and hoodies...I even ran [um, laggy ran] over to the guys' store and picked up a fun t-shirt and some sunglasses! The fun part is that things are different prices. So you might see a dress in green for $10L, but one in blue might be $15L. It's just a great sale if you like fun, casual, skater/surfer type clothes. I LOVE Reaction and it's been one of my fave stores since I got a hoodie and a skirt there during one of the Valentine hunts. I spent about $300L and came out with SO much stuff. I'm one happy camper!! And I know I'll go back later and pick up more shoes! LOL

Randomosity - Yes, that's a word.

Sometimes in all my clicking, I end up taking pics and forgetting about them. I was clearing off my desktop and found this one I snapped last night of Cen and me on our bouncy balls from the Weird Shit egg hunt, wearing our pink boots from the RFL Clothing Fair. She's got a Peep in her mouth from the Lazy Places egg hunt, and I'm wearing my beer can hat I bought at Weird Shit. We are too cute sometimes. LOL

Bouncy girls

And btw...

Ok, I need some help. I cannot see any symbols in SL. Like Chinese characters or hearts or whatever. Like if you're in the Cal Gal group, the title that is there for us - I can't see. It just looks like tiny little boxes to me. Example:


And if I go to the Japanese sims, most of the hovertexts look like boxes or question marks to me. Do any of you super smart people know how to fix this? It would be much appreciated!!

RFL & New Club

I hit the Relay For Life Clothing Fair last night. I'd already been, but we'd just gone for the pink boots, so I thought I'd check the whole thing out. It was cool, although most of what I saw, I've seen before in the stores. There are exceptions, such as TULI only having her new releases there at the fair, and that fabulous Gypsy Princess costume from The Crystal Queendom that is only $2L. But for the most part, most of what I saw, I've seen. And that's ok, since this is a charity event, and a really great one. :) But for those of you who only like to go to these fairs for new things and new designers and don't want to donate [it's FINE if you don't want to donate! I hate when people feel obligated to donate because that just diminishes the whole thing. So many people give in so many different ways everyday out in the non-pixel world!], you might want to just stay home. It's pretty laggy out there, which is to be expected. Don't wear all your 250 prim items and if you can help it, take your AO off. [I'm terrible about not taking mine off. I just can't do it. I look like a child avatar with the default stands.]

So I mentioned before that the club I work for is moving to a new location. The staff had a chance today to go check out the new place, which is not open yet for everyone else. It's soooo much bigger than I expected!! More mall space, bigger dance floor, and the cool stage for the bands. Now as long as the lag doesn't follow, I'll be totally good. It's so sad when I have to turn off prims and alphas so that I don't crash and so I'm there dancing in the sky with half naked bald people. LOL I think the official opening of the new place is this weekend. OH! Last night we hired a new DJ and he got assigned to my shifts! I told him that if anything bad was going to happen in his RL that would keep him offline, it'd happen on Mondays & Thursdays. LOL But he seems really into this, and that's a good thing. Then I can just DJ whenever we need a fill in, which I prefer. And of course DJ for our awesome block parties at The Viper Pit - which we need to do again!!!

Hm. Re-reading this post, I sound like I'm in a bad mood today. lol I'm really not. But, I do think that I need lunch before I start putting one leg in the Crankypants.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Under The Sea

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with all the fashion stuff in SL. I love picking out clothes and shoes and hair and accessories and all of that. I really do. But sometimes it gets to be too much and I spend half my time worrying that I'm wearing the wrong thing, even if I really like it. Who wants to end up on SL Fashion Police? But then in the middle of all my shopping, I land in a place so completely cool and educational, I remember that Second Life isn't JUST fashion based.

My day started out when I went to She's So Unusual [SLurl] to pick up a pair of dollarbie heels that are SO completely cute and SO completely what I wanted today.

Watermelon Heels

It's cold and wet and icky in my RL today, so these little cuties are like a taste of summer. There are other fruity heels as well, which I may end up picking up. I did get 2 pairs of the sneaker mules, because they're cute and dirt cheap at only $50L. I threw together an outfit of a jean skirt and a pink & green halter top and then set off in search of a beach so I could at least pretend that it's summer. Unfortunately, a lot of the beaches in SL are either crazy ugly or for free sex or overcrowded with newbies who thought it was for free sex. But then I landed on the dock at the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science. [SLurl]


What a cool place! There was tons to read and look at. It's not a huge place but you can stay there for ages reading everything about the ocean. If you're a trivia buff, this is a great place because you know how little bits of info stick in your brain, and who knows when you may be asked a question about hydrothermal vent or what abyssopelagic means?

You can even take an elevator down into the ocean and walk around.

Sea Floor

Loads of fun and I'm so glad I went. :) Best part, I picked up a notecard out there of a lot of science related places in SL to visit. I was never a science fan in school, but I enjoy visiting these kinds of places in SL because it's done in a way that is more understandable to me.

So thank you, Abyss Museum, for reminding me that SL is so much more than just who has the best outfit.

Of course, then I ran to <3Cupcakes because of the sale. But we won't talk about that. :)

Things & Balls & OMG

OH MY GOD. I was in the process of writing this blog and I went over to Tymmerie's blog to look at something and I saw... in her comments... OH MY GOD. I am CRYING right now! It's SO SWEET!

Cen and I did our photos last night because we've been meaning to do nice pics for a long time and we never do because we're really silly. I put them together today in Photoshop and I think they came out quite nice. :)

Cen & Ali - Bikini Biker Babes

Cen & Ali - Red Background

Cen & Ali - Troubemakers

I think the red one is my favorite. But it's hard to say. :)

So St. Patrick's Day, which is ordinarily just like any other day for me, turned out to be very very fun. :) I did hit a few places to grab gifts, but steered far away from the places that seemed like they'd be extraordinarily laggy. I think I'm finally getting it through my head that I don't HAVE to have every single gift out there.

[Right here is where I stopped writing and went to Tymmerie's blog. I'm such a girl, I'm still all mushy. I can only imagine how she feels!]

Cen, Rick, Sam and I went to be models for a store owned by Serrina...oh man, I forgot her last name. C&S Woodworks [or Woodshop?] is her store name. LOL, I don't even know where I was modeling for. How great is that? She owns land next door to the Viper Pit and sells landscaping stuff and flowers and trees and all that. But it looks like she's moving into the wedding business, so we went up to model some bouquets. I wore my prom dress, which then showed her that she needs to adjust her bouquets for those of us who like huge poofy dresses. After we left there, we went back to the pit and took pictures. Unfortunately the only pictures that came out decent of us were the ones where Cen & I were making crazy faces. Isn't that always the way? :)


I did hit up the hunt tonight at Curl Up & Dye. It wasn't a hunt as much as it was a "Walk around and pick up the stuff" deal, which was fan-freakin-tastic. I've never gotten any hair from there before [at least, that I know of], so I was pleasantly surprised that it was lovely! And WOW - I walked out of there just loaded with hair and other goodies! I'm not sure exactly how long the hunt is going on, and may in fact be over by morning.

There are some days where I don't really see anyone except the regulars in my life. But today was one of those days where I was running into a lot of people. Girl Wonder Tymmerie stopped over at my shop today and got the tour of our work at the Viper Pit. She even chatted on voice with us and she's just as adorable sounding as you would think.

Then later, a cute pink haired girl by the name of Tristan showed up on my store steps. We didn't scare her off, [which was amazing] and she took us over to Weird Shit for the hunt there. Oh my gosh, that store is great! I went there once with Sidonie & Mr. Coolname and kept meaning to go back, but never did. We had a blast looking for the eggs [the hunt is fairly easy, thankfully] and finally got what we wanted - a big bouncy ball to wear!! I had taken pics of the 4 of us [Cen, Tristan, Sam and me] bouncing around like crazy, but in a mad dash to clear some space on my desktop, I tossed them. :( We also headed over to the Relay For Life clothing fair and got some FAB pink combat boots!!!

RFL Pink Boots

These are made by Oi!, if I'm not mistaken. They're free, but of course there are lots of places to make donations out there. :) Supposedly there's other goodies all over the Clothing Fair, but it was getting late and everyone needed to head to bed. Except me, because you know...I don't sleep. So after they all took off, I headed to the club for the event there. [Well, I stopped at the hair hunt first.] The event was "Growin' Up Ghetto." I had NO idea what to wear, so finally those crazy ugly white strappy shoes that I hate and somehow have left in my inventory as a joke made an appearance on my feet. And, at the request of the hostess, I gave myself an incredibly huge rear end. The funny part is, that belly chain FINALLY fit once I put some weight on me. LOL

fashion disaster...LOL

The club is moving to a new sim at the end of the week. Less lag [hopefully] and a stage will be built so we can start having live music sometimes. How cool is that?

So, tomorrow I'm going to actually get some work done. The Tequila Belt is almost complete, but needs a new texture and more shot glasses. Plus I'm doing a Tequila Holster for the chest. Kind of criss cross thing loaded with shot glasses and stuff. I'm not exactly sure how it's going to be done, but I'm going to do it. lol I got started on it tonight, but of course I'm distracted easily. :) Not that I mind the distractions.

I just realized I left the cheeseburger with eyes floating in midair at the pit. Oops. I wanted to build a burger just to do it. But then I added eyes to the top so it looks like a little burger guy. I don't know either.

I suppose I should go to bed so I can get up at a decent time tomorrow and actually build some. More people keep stopping by the store. Guess I should at least have the decency to make it interesting. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who's not wearing green so I can pinch you?!

It kind of makes me laugh that even after all this time, and as much as I blog, I still need privacy in SL.

Anyway. Ladies, if you're still in need of something green [and if you are, holy cow, where have you been the past week?], get yourselves over to Imagen [SLurl] and pick up the dollarbie dress there. Oooh, it is SO pretty. I ran into Creamy while going to SWA to pick up a gift and she looked stunning in her dress combined with the Blaze group gift boots. No, not the ones from last month, these boots are in green. So yes, join the Blaze group and get some boots. :)

Speaking of group gifts, OMG YAY for Alienbear's gift today! It's a very pretty ring and a TIARA! Oh it's just the loveliest jewelry. You can only get this today, so if you're not in the group, hurry up and join and run up to the member's shop to get it. It'll cost you $2L for both pieces, which is such an incredibly small price to pay for something so beautiful, I almost feel like I'm stealing something. LOL

I'll admit it, I woke up today not feeling the green. After the past couple of weeks of almost everyday shamrocks and green stuff, I was about Irished out. Who knew all it was going to take was a beautiful dress and a tiara to make me look around for my green beer?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner...

As I've mentioned before, my store is on land that is owned by my friend [nephew?] Sam. But if you want to be technical, it's group owned, and so as a group that is like a family, we all have our say in what goes on and how we want our little city to be. We've all pretty much agreed on the urban grunge theme, which of course is popular in SL anyway, but it just fits the group as a whole. The other night, things were being moved around and stuff, and Sam asked me what I thought should be put in. I suggested a diner. We already have a bar, and a garage, and a pawn shop, and some poseballs of a questionable nature. I thought a dirty little diner where people can get coffee or satisfy their munchies [LOL] would be fun. I almost kind of didn't expect for Sam & Rick to do it, but tonight, with much fake grumblings and teasing and calling me spoiled, Ali's Diner was born.

Ali's Diner

It's actually a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be. I was expecting more of a box. But they built me a restaurant! It's so great and I'm just so thrilled!!! I still have to put in a "kitchen" and then work the menu board so it gives food, which I also plan on building myself so that it looks like really terrible greasy diner food. I also have to rework the sign, but there's nothing to that really. Neon is so much more doable now with the glow feature when you texture something. I get annoyed by glow when people use it in their store steps and crank it to the highest, but for signs like this, a teeny bit of glow works wonders. Rick even put in working blinds for the windows, which is so cool!

I really am spoiled, but I can't seem to help it. lol

I was so excited by the diner, I got into this cute waitress dress [carhop, really] that I bought at Ki-Squared at the big sale. I'm so glad I decided to get it! And then I threw a little half-assed waitress belt together.

This waitress is tired.

I'll probably end up fixing the belt part so it ties in the back, but most likely it'll end up being a freebie in my shop whenever I get around to finishing it.

Big big thanks to Rick [who did pretty much all of the work] and Sam [who started off the initial design] for building me my diner. They're the greatest!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh my god, Becky! Look at her butt!

It's in all the freebie blogs, but head over to Rosemar [SLurl] to pick up a pack of Rosemary Galbraith's Creampuff skins for free!! You get a whole bunch of skin tones, and the lip is a dark wine color. Very pretty! I got to meet Rosemary while I was out there and she is so sweet. SL was, of course, broken as usual and everyone was getting stale transactions. So she was kind enough to pass out the packs to us individually if we couldn't get it from the wall. I love meeting designers, and I love it more when they're nice people because that means when she gets her store really set up [she just moved over to the PopFuzz sim], I won't have any qualms at all about throwing $L around in there. :)

Last night I went over to Mela's [SLurl] to check out some friend poseballs from Poseur, which I think I'll end up getting since they're inexpensive and cute, and as I turned around, I was confronted with this.

What's wrong with her butt?

No really...what's wrong with her butt??? That's not an apple bottom. That's like she put a watermelon sideways in her pants and said, "That's the ticket." I'm really not one to make fun of peoples' shapes, since what looks right to you may not look right to someone else, but sometimes I can't help but comment when it's so out of proportion! She was extraordinarily wide from the front as well. She had a very pretty face, but wow. That butt!

I think I was grinding my teeth in my sleep last night because my jaws have been hurting today. So that means it's time for some drugs, diet coke, and some kind of soft dinner before I settle in for the evening. :)

Fiddle Dee Dee!

I started to get sleepy around 11 tonight. I really should have just gone to bed. lol Oh well. I'm kind of glad I didn't because the new gift this week from Sparkle Skye & Alienbear came out! If you haven't been getting the gifts each week, you've missed out. :) The dress from Sparkle Skye is basically the same dress, but the length has changed each week. I was waiting on this week for the jewelry set because it's just so pretty. The next gift, which happens on the 17th, is a surprise and I'm excited.

The dress length this week immediately said "Gone With The Wind" to me. It's a huge ballgown skirt, lots of flexi to it, with layers. Very nice!!

Gift from Sparkle Skye - Week 3

I didn't think that taking a picture of it in my apartment would do it justice, so a quick search and I landed in the Land Of Lincoln. I always forget that there are educational places in SL that should most definitely be visited. I had a great time wandering all over the plantation house and snapping pics of myself.

Plantation Belle

Belle Of The Ball

The whole sim is very cool, with even a recreation of the White House there. I can't vouch for the historical accuracy of anything, but it was still cool. I'm definitely going to re-visit when I have a little more time to look around. But, of COURSE, I stumbled into a freebie while I was out there!!

1860s Dress

A little more casual dress for everyday life. ;) The pack came with 3 colors and if I'm not mistaken [I'm not in world right now to check], the dress is made by Laynie Link. There was also another free dress out there, and a free outfit for men. :) Just do a search for "Land Of Lincoln" or "Plantation" and you should find the place easily if you want to get a big poofy dress.

Now it is most definitely bedtime, because I have tons to do tomorrow before I can come home and settle down in front of the computer again. :)