Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I was going to post pics from last night's totally amazing New Year's Eve Eve party, but I'm rather lazy today, and being that it's the last day of the year [and my 4th anniversary of starting this blog!], I'm more contemplative than anything else today.

Thinking Over 2012

2011 was a pretty full year for me. I mean, RL-wise, there was a lot of family medical issues going on and a lot of stress and anxiety, and my body is a little worse for wear, but we got through it. But there were good times too, of course, and I am grateful that I'm ending the year with both my parents still able to get around, even if their steps are slow. There were many times this year that I wasn't sure if that would happen. The walker and the wheelchair sit in the corner of their house, not necessary at the moment, and that makes me extremely happy.

In SL...well, who could call my SL anything but blessed? There were some tough times here and there, but on the whole, it's been so amazing. I cannot remember a time in my SLife when I have been happier. I've learned a lot, I've loved and been loved in return, I feel like I've really settled down into what SL should be. Are there still things I want? Of course. But that is what the new year is for, right?

My New Year's resolutions for SL are simple. Be more open to new friendships with people because not everyone is going to hurt me. Be more social and hang out with my friends because they have been by my side no matter what I've gone through this year. Continue building a life with Aldwyn and blogging our adventures.

Speaking of blogging, I'm re-starting the 365 Day Project. I know, crazy, right? But when I look over the past year, I didn't blog ENOUGH. I missed recording so many things. Whether I write a real post or not, a picture can totally do it. And I know there will be days that I will miss because I'll be out of town a bit this spring, but I will just keep going like I did the last time.

Happy New Year, everyone! Please be safe if you go out to party tonight. I need you all with me in 2012!! ♥♥♥

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Eve!

Awww yeah! I love the hours leading up to a party!! I especially love the time when I'm half assed dressed and look crazy.

Getting Ready for the Party

Yeah, I totally went shopping like that. I didn't feel like changing. I hope someone took pics.

Anyway, the New Year's Eve Eve party on Bluebonnet is tonight at 8pm SLT!! The parcel is closed off to the public [except for Bluebonnet residents, of course] until party time because I set the landing point and I know that's annoying to people who really only came to see the ground level. Or who just wandered onto the sim for no reason.

I'm so very excited for the party tonight. I love getting the party room just right, spending some time making a playlist, getting my outfit ready. It's all good times to me!

I hope you guys can make it! It should be a good time! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

I was a fashionista, then I took an arrow in the knee

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Aldwyn was an awesome hubby and got me Skyrim for my gift because he knew I'd been wanting to try it out! Well, that and he couldn't be around last night or today really, and he wanted to shut me up. I'm pretty sure it's a little of both.

Now let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a gamer. Seriously am not. Dragon Age is my real game of choice and that's mostly because I've played through so many times, I can enjoy it because I know what to do. I like playing by myself, using cheat codes, and always winning in the end. Plus the story is fantastic and I love Alistair. I did Rift for a time, but I sucked hard at it because I couldn't cheat and because I don't really dig playing with other people all the time. I did like the game, but it's dreadfully hard to solo as you progress and games, for me, are really more of a solo thing because I play games to escape.

So here is my little character. She's a Nord, because that seemed to be the best looking out of all the females to me.

Skyrim - Not bad, not bad at all

I mean, really. Like I was going to be a reptile or a cat or whatever? Even the elves aren't cute! I will always want a PRETTY character. But I think the Nords are warriors anyway, which is good for me because I don't get into magic and junk like that. I just want to kill stuff and look pretty doing it.

The controls have been the hardest thing in the world for me to get used to. In Dragon Age, when I use the WASD keys, A & D turn me and the camera around. It's a lot like SL in some ways. But in Skyrim, I'm having to use the mouse a LOT to look around and it's highly annoying. I'm getting used to it, but it hasn't been easy.

Also not easy? The fact that if I steal something, people come after me!! I'm just trying to stock up on supplies, folks!

Skyrim - Companions

Hmm...should I take this coin purse or leave it?

But the funniest thing to me was when I stole a horse. I would have BOUGHT it but it was 1000 gold and I didn't have that. So what choice did I have but to steal?

Skyrim - I stole a horse

I got on that horse and ran for my LIFE. But since you can't fight and be on the horse at the same time, when I got off the horse to kill something, the damn thing wandered off. No loyalty!!!

At least my character is pretty.

Skyrim - I think she's pretty

And MEAN. I can slash people down like nothing else!

Skyrim - She's mean

I killed some bandits and they had a horse, so I got to steal the horse! Riding high now, y'all!

Skyrim - Horse again!

Well, until we jumped and I miscalculated how high the wall was.

Skyrim - It's hard to keep a horse

Sure is hard to keep a horse in this game.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buying for men is hard!

So Aldwyn's been mentioning that our tv is broken. I dunno why he cares. I mean, it's the holiday hiatus. There's really not much on. But when I wanted to watch something today, well...that's when I got mad that it's broken!

Stupid tv

I have a little technical training, so I tried to fix it. I jiggled the wires. I blew in the back of the tv. I jiggled the antenna [you think he'd spring for some cable up in this house]. I even tried putting foil on top of the antenna tips! Finally I pulled out the last trick in my arsenal of tech knowledge.

I'm fixing it

But then I realized that I've yet to get him a Christmas gift so hey! A brand new television would be the perfect gift, am I right?? What man doesn't like electronics for Christmas? I quickly ran out and stopped in at the first television store I saw.

It didn't go so well. There were just too many options and all the televisions were as big as the house! Then Christina Aguilera and some guy started singing and wailing and I had to run out of there.

I need to get out of here

The next television store didn't go over so well, either. The televisions were, again, of monster proportions. I'm not about to let some huge ugly tv in the house to mess with the decor! Oh, and not only that, but they sold... well, see?

I can't get him that!

He can keep that stuff out in the garage, if he wants to.

I don't know. Maybe we're just not meant to have a new television. Do you think he'll like socks for Christmas?

You think he wants socks

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Year's Eve Eve!

Save the date! ♥

New Year's Eve Eve Invitation!!

Landmark and all that to come closer to the party time. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Another letter to SLanta!

It's that time again for my yearly letter to SLanta to tell him what I'd like for Christmas! I know, I'm cutting it close this year!

Dear SLanta

Dear SLanta,

Hi! I've been very good and I think that this year, I deserve some stuff. Oh, don't get me wrong. I probably have more stuff than should be legal, and I'm quite appreciative of it all! But it's been a tough year in some spots, as you well know, so I think I should be allowed to ask for things this year! Are you ready? Here we go.

1. More mesh stuff! I need boots and shoes and dresses and tops and jeans and furniture!

2. More cute stuff to play with! A long time ago, I used to have tons of things to ride or pose with. But over the years, they've either broken or the quality is just ugly.

3. Jewelry. Casual jewelry, more specifically. Yeah, I know, I HAVE stuff. But I have a lot of big statement pieces or big formal jewelry. I need casual stuff to wear with jeans or delicate pieces to wear with dresses.

4. Cold hard cash. :-p Okay, just kidding, SLanta.

Really, I have pretty much almost everything a person could ask for in SL. I'm incredibly blessed. What I really want can't be delivered in a bag. I want to be happy, for my friends and family to be happy, and for all of us to enjoy the time we have together. If there's one thing I learned this year, it's that our time together could be taken away in an instant, and we should enjoy each other while we can.

Well, except for the invisible horse, saddle hag, frowny mouth girls. I don't enjoy them at all.

Merry Christmas, SLanta!

Ali ♥

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In the mancave

I don't really go into our garage much. That's Aldwyn's mancave and a guy needs a place to like...get away from his wife. Or fix cars or whatever. I had run out there yesterday to grab some toys for the baby, but I hadn't really looked around in a while. Imagine my surprise when Ulaa was passing by and happened to look into the garage window. Immediately she had to tell me [and everyone] that Al had some...THINGS in there. When I got home, I had to go in to look.

No sir.

No sir

This is not what the mancave is for!! The mancave is for fixing cars and boats and puttering around with computers so parts don't get all over the floors!

But, I'm also not against things like this occurring. I'm not that much of an asshole. I just would rather he have good quality visual aids, if you get my drift. So being the good wife that I am sometimes, I ran back inside the house, set up the camera, stripped down, and got to work. After all, what would be a better visual for a man than his wife, am I right??

After getting my clothes back on, I hopped back out to the garage to fix things up for him.

That's better

I couldn't wait for him to get home! Sure, I had gotten on one of his computers. Sure, I had changed his screensaver and desktop picture. Sure, I drew some mustaches and Sharpie chola eyebrows on some of the girls in his magazines. But he'd be happy, right?

He thinks so too

Yep. I was totally right. :)

But it might be a while before I venture back into the mancave.

Babysitting Day!

When Rylan announced that she was pregnant, I told her that I'd be a babysitter if she needed it. Well, you know, that's what you say when your friends are pregnant! I didn't know she'd make me stick to my word. When she asked me if I could babysit while she and Sixx went to buy baby Emma's Christmas present, I couldn't very well go back on my word. Especially when they rolled up in their "new" van. [And knocked over our mailbox.]

Babysitting - Hi guys

After they took off [and THAT was dramatic], I realized that I hadn't been with a baby in a long long time!

Babysitting - So now what

I settled Emma down for a moment and ran out to the garage to unpack some of our boxes. If you recall, I collect Linden bears and other teddy bears. I also have an assortment of cute little toys that people thought I would enjoy. I figured there had to be something in there the baby would like to play with.

Babysitting - Finding toys

We hit our groove pretty fast. She's quite the patient kid, but I guess that comes from living with her parents. She also has a great appreciation of music, so we sat around listening to some tunes. She liked the records a lot. I think she has a calling as a DJ!

Babysitting - Music time

Of course, Rylan kept calling. Nervous mother!

Babysitting - She's perfectly fine

"Emma's just fine! We've got music on and she's playing with some toys while I do a load of laundry! Everything is fine!"

Babysitting - I'll have to call you back

"Oh...I'm going to have to call you back. The um...the dryer is done! We're fine! Bye!"

Once Emma finished um...helping me with the laundry, I settled her back down with some toys. This motherhood thing really isn't as hard as people make it out to be. In fact, now that the laundry is finished, and she's happily playing with her toys, I think it's time to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine.

Gah, there goes the phone again.

"Rylan, she's FINE. We're just chilling and having fun and she's happy playing with toys and looking at the Christmas tree! She's FIIIINE. I'm looking at her ri... "

Babysitting - She's checking out the tree

"She's very into the Christmas tree so don't worry andwe'llseeyouguyssoonBYE!"

Quite the explorer, little Emma.

After I put her back on the ground, I realized that me and my wine were going to have to keep closer to her. So we all sat by the tree while Emma happily plucked ornaments off for a while. Nothing that can't be fixed!

Babysitting - Under the tree

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with toys and she was very happy sitting in the teddy bear chair for tinies that I got while on a mad Linden bear collecting spree a few years ago. I knew it would come in handy one day! But you know, I had the strangest feeling while we were on the floor playing that someone was watching us. I don't know. Maybe this wine was bad or something.

Babysitting - Settling down to play

No matter, because Rylan and Sixx pulled up soon to take little Emma home. I went around picking up toys and putting ornaments back on the tree. The house was clean and quiet again, but it seemed a lot more empty. Who knows? Maybe it's time we think about expanding our family.

Babysitting - Maybe it's time

Monday, December 12, 2011

Another guest list?!

This year is the third annual New Year's Eve Eve party! I always have soooo much fun throwing these parties but they do take some preparation! Since I got up early today, I thought I'd hole up in my game skybox and work on the list of things I need to do for the party. But then it hit me.

This is going to mean working on ANOTHER guest list!

Another guest list?!

As you all might recall, there was some stupid stuff that went on when we were preparing our wedding guest list. Now it's not going to be so hard with this list because the party is usually well crowded and also it's not an intimate ceremony or anything like that, so I don't have to worry about which person is hating which person this time around. And plus, most of my friends are seeming to get along better these days, so you know, woot woot and all that.

But here's my dilemma, and maybe you all can help me out. For the past couple of years, the parties have been just adults because for 1, I didn't know any kid avatars, and for 2, the whole family thing wasn't quite as huge as it is right now. I don't have a problem with kids or families, but I'm wondering if the party will seem less festive & adult if there are kids running around. I don't want to leave my little friends out or ask them to please put on an adult shape to attend because some of them are very immersed in being a child of a family and I totally respect that. Of course, being immersed in their role as a child, they wouldn't really be expecting to come to a New Year's party anyway where there are adults and pixel champagne anyway, right?

So I was thinking that maybe, if there was enough interest, I'd make the big adult party, but invite the kids to come play in the game room for their own little New Year's Eve Eve sleepover. We have plenty of seating here, bunk beds, and there's Greedy and trivia for them to play. They could dance and listen to the music, too. And if any of their parents attending the party wanted to check in on them, they'd be right nearby.

Of course, maybe I'm just putting too much thought into this, but this is the biggest party I throw all year, and I want to make it a good one for everyone!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I got 2!

Everyone left me alone tonight!!! I was the saddest girl in the world again!

I so sad

Aldwyn told me a while ago when I was whining that I should get a girlfriend to occupy my time when he wasn't around. I don't know if he meant it in the "Yeah baby! Girl on girl action!" way or the " Get some girl friends please because sometimes I need a break." You just never know sometimes!!

But, I took his advice and being an overachiever, I got two.

My Girls

Awww. :)

Pumpkin and Ulaa came over to keep me company and then we spent the rest of the evening ... doing stuff. WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE.

[Well, if wink wink nudge nudge means being assholes on skype and laughing about nothing, because that's exactly what we did.]

But it's 4:30am, so it's definitely bedtime.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guilt Trip

So Aldwyn's been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. He has 3 jobs because that's how many it takes to take care of me. LOL! Just kidding, just kidding. Poor guy has to fight just to ever get me a gift. But he does have 3 jobs and with the end of the year coming up, things have been pretty hectic for him.

Of course, I go in phases of needing time alone and needing constant attention. This works out well for us sometimes because when he's busy, I entertain myself with no problems. But unfortunately, I'm in one of those attention needing phases, and this whole thing with him working so much sucks for me. So while trying on some stuff I hadn't gotten around to unboxing yet, I thought, "Oh my God! This skin! I know what to do! I'm going to take a picture and use it as a guilt trip! Because I'm TOTALLY CRYING HERE."

Guilt Trip

Do I not look like the saddest girl in the whole wide world??

All was well and good until I got up. Then my guilt trip was just more amusing than anything else because you see, to get the shot that I wanted, I had to mod my hair a bit. And once I got up and saw myself...

That's how it goes

It was nothing but flat out funny!

At least I found a way to entertain myself for an hour tonight.

But I'm still not down with him not being here when I want.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Up on the housetop

It always seems that the nights I want someone around, that's when no one is around. Hmmph.

Up on the housetop

I don't expect for people to entertain me. In fact, it annoys me when people seem to expect others to entertain them all of the time. But once in a while, I want someone around to skate with or go up and play Greedy or just sit around and do nothing together. Unfortunately, the two I am with the most are busy a lot, especially on the weekends. If all this alone time keeps up, I'm going to have to... I dunno, do something drastic.

You know. Like IM people or something.

Maybe I should get an SL job. Ooh, or I could make stuff and sell it! Yeahhhh! I'm not very good at building anymore, but I can make umm...boxes and stuff. Or I could buy sculpt packs and put shit together and tell people it's awesome and that they have to buy it. Or I could take peoples' pictures and because I can use shadows, I can call it art and charge them a lot of money. OR I COULD DO MORPHS! Plenty of skanks people in SL like morphs!

Hmm...or I could force my way into someone's SL family and make them take care of me because I am so cute with my antlers! That would work, right?

Or I could just shut my mouth, take off my Crankypants, log off, and go to bed. Maybe I'll do that instead.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter came early!

So I was standing around staring at myself in the mirror, as you tend to do when you're never quite satisfied with your face, when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought I was probably just having a stroke, but no! It was SNOW!! Snow falling down on Bluebonnet earlier than expected! I had to run outside to see!

Hey It's snowing!

Then I ran back inside because I was really cold.

I didn't realize winter was coming early, but sure enough, there was a rumble outside and the Grand Bluebonnet Mountains came out of the depths of the sea. They only come when winter is here to stay, and in the spring they go sinking back down into the abyss of the ocean. Funny how that works, huh? Then the pond froze over and I threw on a coat and skates and went to play!

Skating time!

Aldwyn, Ulaa, and I are going to be throwing a winter party soon, so we took advantage of our time together and started setting up the Lima Heights Winter Park. I am in love with the place!!! It's not completely finished yet, but so far we have trees [lots of trees thanks to Ulaa and Caelan!] and benches and in the gazebo we have some couches to rest on and space for dancing and in the corner there is a gingerbread house and SANTA!!! I just love love love it!

Winter Park

[Yeah, I got overly excited and took the picture without waiting to see if the house would even show up in it. My draw distance was low.]

Near the rink, there are some benches in case you get tired, and a stand with hot chocolate. Plus, if you don't have skates, we have some free ones! BUT - you have to be in a mesh enabled viewer to use them. I grabbed the first ones I saw that looked good and I thought they were sculpted, but they're mesh. Sorry about that! [Okay, not really sorry. I want everyone to use mesh. LOL]

I just can't wait to get home tonight to play more in the park!

Monday, November 28, 2011

All the lights!

One good thing about Aldwyn is that he is very easy going in the decorating department. Pretty much anything I want to put in the house, he's all for it. Well, let's face it. Between the two of us, I AM the better decorator! [And the one with enough furniture to fully decorate a dozen houses.]

But I don't know if he is truly ready for the full force of my Christmas decorating. He came home tonight to find me putting up the Christmas lights outside.

He let me put up the lights

I don't really think it's that much. In fact, I think we need more.

Got started tonight preparing the spot that will have the ice skating rink and little winter park. In my head, I KIND of know what I want, but of course putting it together is going to be the hard part. I think once it snows, it will be easier to get things done.

Of course, I think we'll need much more lights. Much. More. Lights.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Loading up on Christmas prims

I love decorating for Christmas in SL. It's soooo much easier than doing it in RL, don't you agree? In RL, my tree is in a box still sitting in the corner. We can't have a real tree because I have stupid allergies, so it's always the fake tree. But ugh, that's such a pain to put up, you know? All the little branches, all the trying to get the "needles" fluffed up. It's pretty tedious. And THEN I still have to decorate it!!!

No, it's much much easier to decorate in SL and if I'm not careful, I'm going to use all the prims inside the house and have nothing left for the ice skating rink and winter park I'm going to put up on the other side of the parcel. I need to find lower prim Christmas decorations! I mean, everything I put just IN the fireplace probably comes to over 100 prims.

Starting to decorate

But it's pretty, so... yeah.

I need to find something for the top of the fireplace. I think I might have to get some stuff and rip it apart and smash it together to get the look I want. But I've been doing that with other stuff, so it doesn't matter.

Snow is in the forecast for Bluebonnet this week. Good thing we've been stocking up on sweaters!!

Al went to bed and I'm itching to go back to playing Dragon Age [yes, again, for the 50th time. But I'm playing DA: Awakening this time because I've never finished it.] so I think it's time to wrap this up, shut off all my IM things, and get into the game before I need to get in bed.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, so MAYBE there was a little more to the coffee I had yesterday than I let on... MAYBE. But can you possibly blame me? It's hard work getting your first Thanksgiving meal as a wife put together! Luckily, Aldwyn prefers prime rib because y'all don't even want to know how that turkey came out.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for much in my SLife these days! I just feel like almost everything I've ever wanted in SL has happened, and it makes me eager to see what the future holds. It can only get better, right??

But let me just say that I am, as always, thankful to each of you who stop by to read my blog. Whether this is your first visit here, or you've been with me for years, it means so very much to me that you come by to read what I have to say, even if it's a lot of nothing. :)'s time to start getting ready for winter!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Well, at least if you're in the US. Since this is our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife, I figured that I better start getting prepared! Which is good, since we didn't seem to have much in the fridge to make a meal out of.

TG - We needed more food

Going out to the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve is pretty ... brave. Ooh, you should have seen it! It was like the battle at Hogwarts, or in Lord of the Rings. Crazy! But I managed to get what I needed and I only possibly kicked 3 women. Possibly.

TG - Bought Groceries

Before I could get started, I figured I better have a coffee. Tymmerie gave us a great coffee maker for our wedding and it makes all kinds of coffee very quickly! I love it!

TG - Coffee Number One

Mmmm...caffeiney goodness.

Right away I got started on the stuffing. I've never had turkey that had been stuffed, actually. My mom makes a fabulous cornbread dressing as a side, though! She's not cooking this year but I ... Damn. Is that stuffing on my shoe??

TG - Stuffing on my shoe

Maybe I should have another coffee. Cappucino this time!

TG - Coffee Number Two



Things are getting a little shaky. I don't think this will be the right time to handle the can opener for our canned veggies. I would have gotten more fresh veggies but some big bitch in thigh high boots and a blinging clit ring almost knocked me down when I was reaching for some carrots!

TG - Cans are hard

That's okay. Canned corn is a decent substitution for fresh corn.

Let's have another coffee!! That'll make me forget about the carrot tramp!

TG - Coffee Number Three

Come to think of it, what DID she want with those carrots?

What did she want what did she want whatdidshewant?!?!?

Geez, is it getting hot in here to you guys?

TG - Thawing Turkey

Look at my turkey in the sink! SINK TURKEY! It's thawing! THAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!


TG - Coffee Number Four


TG - Look at that turkey!

LO&@AMF)O(LISDJFJ((#($*LJFlk20938 ~!!!! 111 #lkjfa.......

TG - I think it's in the oven