Sunday, November 30, 2008

Earthstones - Poinsettia Set

As most people know, Earthstones has been a favorite jewelry store of mine for a while, one of the very very few jewelry stores in SL that I'll bother shopping at. [There's only 2 others that I like, actually.] The jewelry is much like what I'd wear in RL, and the quality is top notch. Designer Abraxxa Anatine really knows her way around a prim! Plus, the store and sim itself are fun to just go hang out at. Cen and I have actually gone out there just to hang out for no other reason than the fact we find it peaceful.

Yesterday, a group notice came out saying that Wes Philbin had started designing for Earthstones and his first set was poinsettia jewelry. Everyone knows I'm in a total Christmas freak right now, so I quickly hopped on over to the store to pick up the set. It's adorable!

Earthstones - Poinsettia Set

Earthstones - Poinsettia Set - Close up

It's not intricate prim work, but anyone who can work a tiny prim has my respect. I like the textures in the petals and the leaves, although I think the silver is a little too bright. That could just be the way it looks on my monitor, though. All in all, it's a wonderful little set and I know it will be one that gets a lot of wear this holiday season.

The Poinsettia Set comes in both silver and gold, and is a steal at $149L for a set, or $50L for the earrings and $99L for the necklace. The necklace also contains a prim resizer script, which I love, but I found that the necklace fit me almost perfectly with just a slight move position wise on my neck. Hopefully Wes will keep up the great work he's started, because I'd love to see more!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winter Picture Challenge!!

Ok kids, we've got a challenge for this week! :) Because, well, I'm having fun doing this by myself and I want to make you all do it with me.

Winter pictures!! Your goal for this week is to go out there and take at least ONE fabulous picture with "Winter" as your theme. No no, doesn't count if your name is Winter or you take a picture of someone named Winter. Go find snow, ice, holiday items, whatever you like! But of course there are just TWO teeny tiny rules:

* You must use a different light setting than just the default noon, midnight, sunset, or sunrise. That means actually go into the Environment Editor and pick either one of the Windlight presets [Pirate, Gelatto, etc], download some presets, or smush around and make your own! [If you cannot use Windlight for whatever reason, be sure to say that.]


* You must have at least one visible snowflake somewhere in the picture.

Your entry picture(s) should be shown on Friday, December 5th. You can go crazy in Photoshop with them, or use just the Windlight settings to fancy them up. Some of you might want to collaborate with another blogger and produce just one picture, or if you want to show a whole series, that's cool, too! Just have fun with it!

If you aren't a blogger and you want to play, take your pictures, upload them to whatever hosting site you use [Flickr, Photobucket, Tinypic], and then IM me in world and give me the link. I'll show them off here in my blog. :)


Friday, November 28, 2008

Occupying Time

So I had to keep myself occupied tonight since I was on my own. Rather than sit and pout [much] about it, I decided to get to work on the island. I want lots of Christmas decorations and wintery type things!

First, I took the party deck and shot it up about 300m in the air so we could have more of an area to put decorations and stuff down. But then that left me with wondering what to do about the fishing. Then it hit me. Ice fishing!

Ice Fishing

Of course, I think ice fishing usually involves a small hole, but um...this is special ice fishing? :-p It's a cute little area, anyway.

After that, I was looking around various blog posts and saw a skin that I thought was pretty, so I headed over to Redgrave to check it out. Then, for the first time since probably January or February, I got hit up for money! Just out of the blue "can u give me money plz :,<" Like the sad face with the tear was going to make me do it? So I took a picture of her. Because that's just rude, and I don't care how much of a noob you are. [She was almost a month old.]


My response was, of course, a very short, "No." She didn't ask again. I'm guessing she was hitting up everyone in there for money. Rude.

After that, I started on my hunt for Christmas decorations. I think I have been to probably 50 Christmas stores tonight. LOL And all I ended up with was this tree...


...and these guys!


And while I'm doing all of this, the group chat is going off like mad. LOL

Sehra Kauffman: dang it is so too long and it wont shrink....
Alicia Chenaux: that's not what he said.
Sehra Kauffman: lol
Nikkidancer Zenovka: LOL
Meara Deschanel: I walk into the weirdest conversations I swear

Nikkidancer Zenovka: Quaintly is touching Santa's bag.......... omg
Quaintly Tuqiri: LMAO
Alicia Chenaux: LMAO
Quaintly Tuqiri: wait, is 'bag' a new euphemism i didn't know about? o.O

Sai Pennell: you guys have no clue how quotable you are.

Meara Deschanel: wait, you liked Merrick's balls on your rack?
Meara Deschanel is so confused
Nikkidancer Zenovka: no, i didn't say that at all LOL

Nikkidancer Zenovka chases Bone with her giant adorned rack

Bone Mosten: OMG being named the hottest male av is the. best. thing. ever!

Crazy people. I love them. :) <3

But I still need so much more Christmas stuff!!! I know what I really want, but I have NOT been able to find it. I don't want to ask yet where to get one, just because I want it to be mostly a surprise, but I may end up having to ask. LOL It's just impossible to find a great one.

That's my evening so far. I'm going to play a few games while I listen to Christmas music on the island and then head to bed.

Oh wait! I was told I wasn't doing this enough lately. :) WTF is in my head today? Well, RLBF was playing Guitar Hero last night and this song came up and since then, I can't stop humming it! I love Journey. :)


Laleeta threw down a little meme for us today in her blog.

What are the things you have to do right when you log into SL? What's your routine like?

1. I go through all the group notices, mostly just clicking "Ok" to close them. I admit that I am the WORST at reading notices unless they're from my group or Starting Point. I just grab whatever attachments are on notices or keep whatever objects are being offered from the 10,000,000 SOMs I'm in. I almost NEVER keep landmarks or notecards.

2. I get dressed! Lately I scour my inventory for sweaters and other winter clothes. But all outfits must be matched with the right skin and hair, so sometimes I'm standing around flipping between different skins to find the one that matches. Almost any time I buy something new, I immediately put it on to resize prims, so almost all of my clothes are specially fitted to my body and tinted, if necessary, when I put them on.

3. I look at IMs and answer back if I need to. If it looks like I'm not IMing you quickly after I log in, it's not that I'm ignoring you. I just like to be able to do what I need to do first before settling into IMs. I get all my offlines forwarded to my email since my messages cap, so usually I've already seen them anyway.

4. I head out to the ground level of the island and do any housekeeping necessary, and check visitor counters to see who has been by. I have 2 counters that tell me immediately when someone drops in, but I have a few others that I have to manually go check. Of course, with the landing point set, it's not usually a huge problem.

5. After all of that, I'm free to do whatever I want! :)

Heights & Holiday Stuff

This blog post talking about avatar height was one that really interested me this morning.

I've always been a smaller avatar. I'm proportionate, and my height is realistic at 5'7. Well, that's not realistic to who I am in RL, since that's taller than me. :) I really love my avatar. I think she's pretty and although poseballs have always been a challenge and most prim skirts are made to fit avatars with much more enormous hips than hers, I can't imagine changing her too much.

One thing I have noticed in the past year is that avatars that are similar tend to hang out together. I have friends who are taller than me and shorter than me, but as a group, we are all fairly similar in heights and proportions. So when we're out on our own and encounter a group of gigantic glamazons [they do tend to run in packs for some reason], it's a little more noticeable, I believe.

So in other news, there's snow on the island now!! Last night the blizzard hit. I think the most fun part of the whole thing was how excited Sehra was about the whole thing. :) I set up a place for ice skating, and we're going to start throwing all kinds of Christmas stuff around soon and holiday music is already playing. But if you're not into snow, don't worry. The snow melts on January 1st and we'll be back to our normal summery beach island. :)

I see a few gifts out that I think I must have, and I need to get to shopping for all my Christmas stuff!!


A blizzard struck tonight.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US!!

In honor of the day, I decided to do yet another grateful list. :) This one will be slightly more superficial than my previous one. Slightly. LOL

1. I am still utterly grateful for those I can call my friends. They are amazing in so many ways. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have gotten know them in whatever way they have let me, whether it's just through group chat or if they are with me in IMs or sitting around talking. They have saved me without even knowing it. I love you guys so much!!!!

2. I'm grateful for Happy Mood. No really! I spend so much time on my bubble chairs or on my bunny. I was lucky enough to get another bunny for my rezday (thank you, Sophia!!) and just looking at the twitchy nose and big brown eyes puts me in a better mood immediately!

My new bunneh!
Me on my new bunny, wearing a new shirt I got at Zaara tonight using the giftcard Tymmerie & Jerremy gave me for my rezday! Thank you!

3. Giftcards. Holy cow, I love SL giftcards. The ones that you hold like a credit card and pay with, I should say. Not that the notecard ones don't work just as well, but the others are easier. Whoever came up with the giftcard system is a genius. [This is not me begging for giftcards. I'm saying I just like the system. I usually buy myself giftcards at the giftcard sales that some people have just so I can shop later as a pick me up!]

4. Poses and the fabulous posemakers!! Without Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance, Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose, and Zelly Mornington of Striking Poses, my pictures would have me standing around looking crazy. LOL!

5. Bling. Oh now, hang on just a second, hear me out. I hate bling as a fashion item. Your shoes, ears, and chest don't need to be shooting out sparks, seriously. I catch you like that, I'm going to take your picture for WTFug. But without bling, how could things that make us laugh so damn hard, like the Blingis and Sehra's enormous blinging pumpkin, be possible??

That's my list. :) Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, don't eat so much you make yourself sick, be careful if you're traveling, don't kill your relatives, and remember to have fun!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My SL has much craziness in it!!

I have pretty crazy friends.

Crazy fools LOL

For some reason, no matter where I go, even if it's just a nice, normal clothing shop, I almost always teleport in RIGHT next to the craziest av on the sim. Nope, we didn't walk to each other, this is exactly where she was when I TPed in.

Crazy avatar

I also have the misfortune of falling under the water a lot. Your store can be in the middle of mainland, and I'll be the one to fall underneath it. I went to Lo*Momo last night and while walking into the store, fell underneath. For some reason, there was stuff under there. Including this bunny...who looks like he's plotting something.

Crazy Bunny

I have this friend named Erinn and I miss her because she's never around. So sometimes I sit on her porch waiting to see when she's coming home. Ok, so, I only did it last night. But I missed her last night!

Crazy missing Emerald

Luckily in the middle of all the craziness, I find time to meditate, relax, and remember why I love SL. :)

I urge everyone to take some time today and remember why they love it, too. :)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ok, some RL stuff first. If you don't like hearing about RL in an SL blog, move on down to the next paragraph. :) As most of my friends know, I've been getting sick a lot lately. I'm tired most of the time. I went to the doctor and basically what it comes down to is that my constant anxiety and stress is killing me. It's to the point of my body not doing the things it should be doing. And yes, we're talking RL stress, not SL stress. Believe it or not, my life doesn't revolve around SL. LOL The doctor wanted to put me back on medication, but I refused. Unfortunately, almost any medication that is supposed to help me with all of this has made me either really sick or made me into a zombie, and I can't afford to be numb right now. When you're the only child of aging parents who are not in very good health, you have to stay on top of your game. But, my doctor, who was not very nice about it, says that I must find ways to reduce stress and calm down. So that being said...

Making a few changes to my SL for a bit. First of all - got unnecessary drama? Move along. I don't have time for SL drama queens & kings right now. :) I know some of you love it, you search for it, you get off on it. I don't. If you feel it necessary to create mess for others and for yourself, go play a real game where you can shoot people and level up or whatever. I won't have it in my life, or around the people I care for. My SL is for fun and to escape for a bit. End of discussion.

Second, and this isn't something I've talked to Cen about yet, but I think I need to put a hold on the Hump Day parties for a bit. Not that it was ever truly stressful, but you know how it is. There are some Wednesdays when I'd like to go out in RL, or hang out in SL and shop or something. If someone would like to take over the Hump Day parties for a little while, that would be great! I'm not saying I won't get the itch to throw a party here and there, but for now, I need to postpone them at least until the beginning of the year. The holidays are so frantic anyway.

And lastly, this blog. I want to get back to blogging just random, off the wall, crazy stuff that I do or see in SL. I like doing reviews for stuff, so I'd like to do that more. I appreciate those of you who have stuck by me even through this pretty much emo month. I know a lot of you don't know me in any other way other than this blog, and maybe plurk, so you don't know everything that I've been going through, so the fact that you've stuck around means so much to me. :)

I guess that's it for now. Hope I didn't offend anyone, but I guess if I did, you'll stop reading now, right? :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


It's kind of a running joke with my friends, both SL and RL, not to expect to hear from me before 12noon. And if you do, then it's cause for celebration. But considering no matter how early I go to bed, it is usually 4am before I actually fall asleep. 4am has been my "safe" time for many years. I don't know why, I couldn't explain it, but it's the way it's been for probably the past 10 years.

But now it's 4pm and I just managed to drag myself to the computer. Why? Well, either I ate something bad or I managed to collect a tummy bug somewhere, but last night was not good at all. I know I had started having chills last night, but I honestly thought I was just cold.

Anyway, I managed to log into SL to pick up messages and something I need to blog, but I am worn out, so that will have to wait until later. If you don't see me in SL again tonight, I'm probably passed out on the couch whining for 7up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jerremy's RezDay!

A bunch of us gathered tonight to celebrate Jerremy Darwin's rezday! It was a really fun rock & roll themed party, hosted by his awesome wife, Tymmerie, and music provided by KONA Radio DJ and fellow blogger, GoSpeed Racer, with Ravishal Bentham helping out. :)

It was super fun and it was good to get together with a lot of people that we don't always get to meet. The funniest part is that most of us have each other on plurk lists or blog rolls, but it's VERY rare that we ever meet in world! Isn't that nuts? So it was nice to finally meet a few people that I have long admired for their writings, like Night Morrisey! Of course, I was supposed to have a date, but I believe a certain cute girl took up his evening. :) She is way cuter than me, so I don't mind. I had lots of fun dancing with my girls on top of a big record!

I did take some pics, but I want to apologize in advance for the quality. I am working off of a completely fresh hard drive because I got some kind of virus over the past weekend, which I think I had mentioned before. So I had to reinstall SL, and in doing so, I forgot to choose high-res snapshots. :( And not only that, but I don't have Photoshop to fix them up. So basically what you see is what you get. LOL I'll share just a few right now.

Jerremy's Party - Jerremy Darwin

Jerremy's Party - Eva & Tymmerie

Jerremy's Party - GoSpeed & Night

Jerremy's Party - Packed!

Jerremy's Party - Quaintly & Ravishal

If you want to check out the rest, head on over to the Flickr set I made for the party. :)

I'm tired and have to get up early in the morning, so I guess it's time for me to call it a night!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Bella has been doing something in her blog the past few days that I thought I'd do too, especially since Thanksgiving is coming up.

5 Things I'm Grateful For

1. The person who reminds me pretty much daily that I'm worth something, that I'm not stupid, and who has helped me become a better person. I've long thought that I have to do this on my own and that I'm alone in taking on the world, but he's showed me that I'm not alone at all. Even when I'm in a crazy mood, I know in my heart he will always listen to me. I don't always take advantage of that, but I'm getting better at it. :) He makes me laugh, we have incredible fun together, and he encourages & supports me in whatever I do. Things haven't always been easy, but I think that's what makes it so special. I will be forever grateful for having him in my life. <3

2. My unbelievable group of friends. I've had online friends since I was 15 years old, and it wasn't until now that I really understood what it was all about. They are the type of friends you pray that you find. They don't judge you for mistakes that you make, they listen, they don't pry, they're super funny, and of course I think they are all as beautiful as the avatars they have created. Whenever any of us are upset, the first thing out of everyone's mouth is "Whose ass are we kicking today?" LOL To quote a movie I like: "There are people in this world to save you when you need saving, to cover your ass when it needs covering, and who are always there when you need someone to lean on."

3. Second Life. Without it, #1 and #2 wouldn't have been possible at all. Although it has not always been good, every day that I log in, I feel grateful that it's there.

4. Content creators. Oh where would we be without you all?? You make the things that make the SL world so amazing in the first place!

5. This blog and the people who read it. I know sounds like two things, but they're tied together. Through this blog I have been able to really find myself again. Last year I was pretty lost. I was extremely unhappy. I found myself wondering what was the point of living. But being able to express myself in this blog, even when it was just silly stuff that fell out of my head, made an enormous amount of difference. The people who read this blog and take the time to comment or IM me in world have helped so much in so many ways.

So that's my list for today. I know, you were probably expecting something a little more superficial. :) Maybe I'll do another list later on as it gets closer to Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Creating Winterland

A blog in pictures, because my fingers hurt tonight so I don't feel like typing much. :)

Earlier today I was on my bunny and wondering what I should do.
What should we do today, Bunny?

Then I decided, hey! It's time to make my little winter land up in our sky world! I didn't take a picture of it, but I started just putting down some snowy prims. I was almost 100% positive I wanted the winter cabin from Mudshake, and since there's one other person who will be enjoying this with me and he was online, I made him come out there with me to stare at the house.

He had to leave pretty quickly after we'd gotten there and didn't have time to give me an opinion, so I bought the cabin anyway, and a few other things [except furniture, for some reason] and ran home to get things set.

But before I set things down, I asked the group where to get a decent Christmas tree. Aisuru recommended a place and I'm not in world right now, but I remember it was at New Trails. On my way to find the trees, I got side tracked by tea.
Tea time

It was simply the most charming little tea set ever! In my RL, I used to collect miniature tea sets. In a freak accident, the shelf where I had most of them displayed fell off of the wall and things were smashed. I never did begin the collection again. :( But look how cute the pretty tea cup is!
Rose Tea

And then I got even more sidetracked by a cool tree with poses. The whole place out there was just beautiful!
A quiet moment

Of course, I couldn't get the tea set out of my mind, so after inspecting to see who the creator was, I headed out to the store, Feathers, to look at it. I didn't end up buying it, because I don't know where I'd put it, but I did look. :)

FINALLY I got home and set everything up. I even created a nice little entrance because you have to walk between 2 buildings to get to it.
Entrance to Winterland

Finally, Winterland!
My winter world

I even got silly and created a Festivus pole.
Festivus Pole

After an ice skate with the snowman...

...I decided my work was done. I need furniture and Christmas decorations now. :) But that can wait until tomorrow.

Hockey's a winter sport, right? :-p

I'm starting to feel a bit Christmas inspired. Or if not Christmas, then winter, definitely. I'm kind of itching to snowify the island, but I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving. But I want pretty show and a very magical winter wonderland type setting on our side of the island. I don't know what the others want on theirs, and it would be nice if I could change the terrain texture for just certain parts of the island! Unfortunately, since I can't, everyone has to deal with snow until New Year's. LOL Sorry!! Don't hate me and leave! :) But I think it should be fun, and I can't wait to try out the snowglobe tree that Aisuru made. It's SO pretty. I only got the beta test tree, so I can't wait to see what she does to the final product. When they're ready, all of you HAVE to go buy them at her store, Beloved Custom Designs because they're super unique and awesome.

Since Cen is taking a blogger break, I get to show this pic. :-p Earlier today she was 10 kinds of excited because she discovered SL Hockey. I'm not a huge hockey fan, although I was kind of into the whole Stanley Cup thingy back in 1999, and for some reason I had a crush on Jamie Langenbrunner. But I lost interest by the next year. Anyway, she had us come out to see the game. It was kind of neat, but you KNOW that has to be hard to play in SL because of the lag factor. Here's a picture I managed to catch after the ice rezzed in.


Pretty cool stuff. :)

Speaking of cool stuff, I'm now busily setting up a winter area of our sky world. I think the new winter cabin from Mudshake is a necessity now. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Starting the week

The weekend was rough, to say the least. It's funny how each week we do these Hump Day parties, and everyone is happy because it's the middle of the week, only 2 days till the weekend. This past weekend was kind of MY hump day. The thing I have to get through to get back to being myself. I wish I could say that I got through it beautifully, but I didn't. But I am somewhat better today, so no worries.

I do want to say, though, that I feel incredibly lucky today. I logged in to notecards, get well cards, and sweet IMs. Unfortunately my messages capped on Friday evening, so I'm having to go through my email to see what I missed, but thank you all so much. Just...thank you. There is nothing I could do or say at this point to convey how grateful I am to those of you who have reached out to me with your own stories or words of support, or even just trying hard to keep my plurk karma from plummeting too hard. [It was a slap when I managed to get myself to the computer yesterday and saw it had fallen almost an entire point in one day. Not that it matters really, but in my state, it still upset me more than it should have.]

Anyway...besides me laying in bed or sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles this weekend [the only thing that kept me calm], I watched a lot of tv, ate too many Mexican wedding cookies, and watched RLBF make 3 huge holes in the wall so he could drop cables. Oh, and because I was refusing to check most of my emails or look at blogs or plurk or myspace or chat, I managed to surf my way into one hell of a computer virus. I still don't know if it's completely gone, I've got Google Installer popping up every so often telling me there's something wrong with it, I can't reinstall Chrome, Spybot won't pop up so I can run a scan [CCleaner still works for some reason], McAfee says things are A-OK, and we had to open up my computer so RLBF could hook in his laptop just to be able to run a program. I think it's clear now: I can't do anything except SL because when I do, I manage to break stuff.

The house is a mess, my bedroom looks like a disaster area, and I'm fairly certain underpants gnomes have been in my house because I can't seem to find any. I guess it's time for me to get up and get back to my normal activities.

Oh, and wtf is in my head today? Well, not this song exactly, but I love Holly McNarland and I've been listening to her music this weekend.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i took down yesterday's post. having it up just didn't feel right to me. nothing really feels right to me today but that's a story just for the people closest to me, not for the entire world.

Friday, November 14, 2008

You really can't stop believing.

I'm tired and on my way to bed. I am feeling a little better, thank you to everyone who asked me today. I was even feeling well enough to go cart racing [and flying] with Sehra tonight. lol I have pictures, but I'm too tired to resize and everything.

Bluebonnet is completely rented out now. I cannot tell you all how relieved that makes me. Although I feel sorry for those who are losing their openspace homes, I gotta say, it helped me out a little. lol There are some benefits to owning a full prim sim, I guess, even if it does cost a little more. I know people like the privacy of having their own sim, but sometimes it just can't work out that way. Now comes the fun part of everyone on Bluebonnet getting to know each other [which they mostly do anyway] and having fun. In a few weeks we'll be winterizing the sim, and decorating for Christmas. That should be so awesome.

While we were cart racing tonight, I landed on Dyami & Cen's land during a song that I love love love. It gets stuck in my head very easily, so I'm sharing tonight. I found a live performance of it, because I love live and acoustic performances. So wtf is in my head tonight?


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trying not to talk trash

Yes yes, I'm playing with my layout. lol I want to make a new header but I'm waiting until later so I can make a wintery Christmas type one. So for now, everyone has to deal with my blog being a mess.

So no, I'm not feeling much better today. I am not a good patient, and I tend to get really bitchy when I'm sick, especially when I got sick because of someone that I dislike greatly who tracked her nasty germs into my house.

I've written about 40 paragraphs now about different things and I keep deleting them because I'm talking so much trash, I'd never be able to apologize enough. lol

I'm thinking about expanding on our little sky world. See, I really want a house from Mudshake, and I think I've been out at the store almost everyday for the past week inspecting. But I couldn't think of where I'd put it, until I was told "Why don't you just add it on up here?" Because...that makes sense? LOL So now the problem is I have to figure out which house. I do like this one, though.


But I don't know if it's the one I really want. I am quite picky, you know.

My ear is itchy and I'm restless. I think it's time for a shower and maybe I'll go out and get some snacks. RLBF is obviously not going to be helpful to me today and go get me anything.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As I've been squealing about for over a week, I was honored to be asked by James Schwarz to be part of his Headshot series. I had seen the work he'd done for the 100 Avatars project and loved it, and I really really liked the work he'd been doing for the headshots. To be included was really a big honor for me. I've been obsessively checking his Flickr account and today finally it appeared. ME!!

Headshot by James Schwarz

I just love it!! So thank you, James, for asking me to be part of your series AND for making me look amazing!

Check out his Flickr set for the headshot series. You'll love it!!

Just a note...

Military Party tonight

Har har, see whut I did thar? LOL

Anyway, sorry for the late notice, but tonight's Hump Day party theme is Military! So get on some kind of camo or uniforms or even just your patriotic colors and come join us! We'll be on the Bluebonnet Party Deck tonight because I'm super lazy and uncreative and can't make a room. LOL You could even come in your camo bikini!

8pm SLT is party time and we hope to see you there!!

Helping At Hunts

I was writing a comment in this post over at Baking Cupcakes, but it grew too long, so I decided it deserves its own post.

So yesterday word spread that there was a hunt at Magika. Magika is a store that I really really like, and I was bummed that people were telling me that the hunt was going to be over last night. I had a party to DJ, and I knew afterwards I would be doing something else. How lucky for me that someone was sweet enough to drop a notecard with the locations on me! The hunt hadn't been on more than 30 minutes when it was given to me. I quickly passed it out to my group, because we LIKE hunt cheat sheets. Of course, I attempted several times to go to the sim, but it was full every time. I figured that this hunt was just simply not going to be happening for me. I realized that even if I COULD get into the sim, I would be lagged out beyond belief, and I was double happy for the locations notecard because at least THAT way I could hop from place to place happily. But I never did get in, and pretty much forgot all about it a few hours later.

Cut to early this afternoon and my adorable friend Laleeta was saying that the Magika owner had changed the locations due to the fact that Baking Cupcakes had posted the hunt locations on their blog. Although she was not the one who posted the locations, she was the one to take the flack and do the apologizing. She's cool like that. There were a bunch of [of COURSE anonymous] comments bitching about how boo hoo, the blog ruined their experience by posting coordinates.

To this I ask... What. The. Fuck?

Ok ok, you know what? Some of us have LIMITED SL time in which to waste on hunting. Sorry about that, but it's true. Not to mention a great many of us are hunted OUT. We're oversaturated with hunts and we're still weeping with joy that we ever managed to finish that insane Ghost hunt. Also, some designers delight in hiding their gifts in such weird and out of the way spots that it really really frustrates people to the point of them just leaving the store. Not to mention the fact that 75% of the people who show up at these hunts come wearing 10,000 prim outfits, super flexi laggy hair, 15 face lights, clicky ugly boots, and scripts up the wazzoo, so even if you CAN get into the sim, you can't move due to all the lag people are creating. And hey, I have a pretty good video card. A lot of people don't so it's hard for them to move in some stores on a regular basis.

I don't understand why people scream about having the hunt locations posted. Guess what? No one's forcing you to click on them. And it is VERY freaking unlikely that you can look at a SLurl and know EXACTLY the location. If you do, then YOU need a life because you obviously spend too much time in a certain location. If you can look at this: and immediately think, "Oh yeah, that's in the northwest corner right next to the 2nd plant on the left," then you really better get your head checked.

Designers, get this straight. No matter what you say, people are going to help each other with these hunts. Maybe the coordinates are not going to be posted on a blog, but they WILL be on a notecard somewhere, passed out to someone, who will pass it out to someone else. There will be someone standing in your store who has completed the hunt who will be telling people where things are. There will be group chats open with people asking where to find a certain prize. There is NOTHING you can do about it, other than get that kind of prize thing that moves when someone gets the gift out of it. And honestly, that kind of thing will piss off your customers.

I am deeply disappointed that the owner of Magika did not go directly to the writer of the blog post and privately ask her to remove the coordinates rather than make a big deal about it in the blog. It is a store that I have sent many people to when they ask me where I've gotten some of my cool hair, but I no longer feel right in doing that any longer. I don't like it when designers get pissy over something this small, so it's not a store that I feel like I will be returning to. And that's a true shame, because I did enjoy the products there.

And to the other anonymous commenters who whined that their fun was ruined - Get over yourselves.

A very nice day.

It feels like it was a long day. But it was a good one. :)

I DJed for Sam & Bella's rezday party tonight. It was good to see a few people that I haven't gotten a chance to see in a while.

But I do have to admit...the afterparty was so much better than the party. ;) At least for me.

There are just those moments that happen that make you feel like everything is going to be ok. They might not happen often, but when they do...oh, everything you had to go through to get to that moment was so worth it.

To end the night off, I received an extremely thoughtful gift from Sophia Harlow. I swear, she is always doing things like this just to cheer me up. She's truly just one of those angels that you have to be thankful for. :) She got me....

My new bunneh

BUNNY!!!! It was just the bunny I've been plotting to get, too! I'm just so thrilled with it. :) Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

But it's time for me to leave my bunny and get in bed. I'm a bit worn out. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In My Head

So as I've mentioned on a few occasions, I'm a Broadway lover. I can't help it. I love musicals so much and I'm totally not ashamed to admit that.

The past few weeks, I've yet again fallen under the spell of Wicked. I'm not sure exactly what keeps drawing me back, but I'm sure that much like my Phantom of the Opera and Dreamgirls and West Side Story phases, eventually it'll taper off and I'll quit singing songs to myself as I go through the day.

But that being said, this song has been firmly in my head for a couple of days. Enjoy it! :)

Oh, and I found a video with my song, but with pictures of Bella & Edward from Twilight, just for my little Twilight fans out there. :)


It's Veteran's and Remembrance Day in the US and Canada. I've lost 2 classmates [that I know of] in the past 3 years because they were in the military and sent overseas. Although I know they died doing what they felt was right, it's a pain in my heart everyday knowing those beautiful men will never see their children grow up. So thank you, soldiers, for doing what you do.


Tonight is Sam & Bella's rezday party. Yeah, I know, Bella. It's just supposed to be Sam's party. :-p But it's your day too. I'm DJing for the party, so that should be fun.

And it occurred to me that haven't chosen a theme for tomorrow night's hump day party! Ack!

Oh, and I also wanted to say that I won't be able to DJ the party the day before Thanksgiving because I'll be busy cooking and everything. So if you all don't mind, could we move the party to Tuesday?

Also, if anyone is ever interested in hosting a party at your home or store or club, just speak up. It doesn't always have to be on Bluebonnet. :) You can even pick the theme if you host. :)

I'm exceptionally sleepy at the moment...I think I need to eat something since I've been up for hours and haven't. Either that or take a nap. When am I just going to be able to recharge like my phone?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rainy Town!

Ever since Krissy blogged about this place, I've been DYING to go out there and take some pictures! And since it's super rainy in my RL today, I figured it was a good time to head out there. I'm not a big fan of the rain usually, but this place was just so cute, I couldn't help it.

Home of the Creamshop store, Rainy Town is a very cool place. And it IS rainy! You don't see many places in SL where weather is really used, you know? I would love to find more sims with rain, snow, etc. And it was the perfect place for me to use my new rain boots from ETD!

While I was out there, 2 people called out for me to get in out of the rain. At first I was thinking, "Let me just take my pictures!" But the more I think about it, the cuter it becomes that they'd be like that. :) I suck for not playing along more, now that I'm really thinking about it. LOL

Anyway, here's a batch of pics I took. It's a fun place to visit, and I will return very soon!!


Oh no, lightning!




Record Shop 2

Record Shop 1

Record Store 3

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cleaning The Desktop

It's time for everybody's favorite day [well, mine anyway] - the day I clean off the desktop and see what pictures didn't make the blog this week!

There were a BUNCH this week. I snap pictures constantly. It's a sickness, I believe. :)

I don't know who this girl is, but ... soup!

A fog rolled in.

Row, bunny! Row!
Bunneh Raft

This hair makes me laugh for some reason.
Crazy Hair

I went to ETD and there were all kinds there. ;)
Bag Lady

We have to stand the rain...
Rainy Bubbles

...if we ever want to see the rainbow!
Double Rainbow

I still love Happy Mood, and I want this rocking horse.

In my defense, I didn't know the particles were THAT crazy.
Crazy Birthday

But he seemed to like it all the same. :)
Happy Birthday!

Playing with Codie's Rouge Windlight presets. I love presets that I can download. I don't like it when I have to look at the numbers myself.
Red Skies

Last week I left Sehra dinner on her house. This week, Emerald got some turkey too!