Saturday, June 28, 2014

I could do with another helping of hashbrowns.

Before I go any further, let me ask you all to take a look at fundraiser page for Ulaa. If you can possibly help her with a few dollars, it would be appreciated. All the money goes to her and her son's airfare, lodging, transportation, and food. She doesn't know how long she'll need to be out there, so who knows what financial issues she'll have while out there. We donate freely to RFL and other charities during the year and we don't know where the money is going. At least with Ulaa, it's completely legit. If you're unable to pay through the site, there is also a donation kiosk set up at her store where you can toss in some $Lindens. Every tiny bit helps! Thank you!!

Last weekend was camp registration day! We kid around and say it's like The Hunger Games, but really, is IS serious business! We had 8 kids to get into camp this year, and not all of them could be online at the sign up times, so we were all trying to get to the location to sign up!

Preparing for registration

And yes. That is my husband in the Speedy Gonzales avatar. He thought it would help him zip through.

It did not. *laughs*

Thankfully, we had friends who had a LOT better luck than we had in getting to the sign up locations. We all tried and tried and tried. I swear, this was my screen for at least 30 minutes.

Welp. That's attractive.

But with the help of our friends and family, we managed to get all of our kids into camp! Camp letters are starting to arrive, so soon I'll have pics of the girls getting their letters! And bunk making starts soon! Today they find out what cabin they are in. Keep your fingers crossed that my girls get in the same cabin, please!!

After all the excitement of registration, the rest of the week was quiet. The best time for me was one evening when we got to sit around on Abby's build platform and be on skype while I told them all a story.

I tell the best stories

Of course, the story was crazy and really not for kids, but they enjoyed it anyway. :)

I already had breakfast today, but I think I'm about to be a hobbit and have 2nd breakfast because I've been distracted through this whole post, as small as it is, with how my stomach is rumbling again.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I Hope You Dance

It was just me and my Abby tonight. Aldwyn had some RL work to do, and Birdy's internet was down. It hasn't been just Abby and me at night in a while, so we just danced along the shoreline for a bit before she had to go to bed.

I Hope You Dance

She is participating in a gacha event coming up soon, so she showed me what she's been working on. I'm so proud of her for getting back to her store! Even if it's just a small event here and there, at least she's doing things that I know she loves to do.

Camp registration [aka The Hunger Games] is this Sunday. Last night, Abby was showing and telling Birdy about bunks. I can't wait to see how they do their bunks this time. I loved watching Abby and Raven make their bunks for winter camp! Soon we'll be doing camp acceptance letter pics again, and I'll be shopping for some camp items for my girls, and then crying when they leave me! But I'm just really happy that Lolita and Takeo will be counselors again, and Bella [Riley's big] will be a co-director, and of course Payton and maybe Raven will be going, so my girls will have family there. And lots of friends!

Early night for me tonight. I have this really nice massage recliner at home, the kind that does the deep kneading up your back with the rolling ball things, and I used it the other night because I have some stress knots in my shoulder blades. But I think I overdid it and stayed on it for far too long [easy to do because it feels so so nice and the recliner itself is ridiculously comfortable!] and holy cow. My upper back has been so freaking sore! I guess when the chair turns off, you should probably get up, not just restart it. *laughs* So I thik it's time for some Advil and bed. ♥

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You & I

So four years ago today, Aldwyn and I decided "Hey. Why don't we give dating a try?"


The fact that he hasn't developed a drinking problem yet or gone out for cigarettes and not come home is kind of testament to how awesome and patient he really is. *laughs*

Tonight the girls went to bed early, so we had a chance to just sit and talk. The topics of our conversations have changed over the past four years, but at the heart of it all, this is what makes us who we are. Two people who love to talk to each other. ♥

You and I

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I love these nuts!

I have a parcel available on Bluebonnet! It's a small parcel, 2944sqm and 673 prims, and is a corner lot. It is NOT pre-decorated, you get to do all of that. :) We're a fairly quiet, family friendly sim. If you're interested, send me an IM in world, or if you have me on plurk, you can private plurk me there and I'll give more details!

I just realized the title of this could be totally dirty. IT'S NOT. We're having family movie night and watching The Nut Job. My family is a bit nutty, so... it's fitting. :-D

I love these nuts!

You'd think with it being summer, we'd have a lot more time to spend together, but it's been the opposite since we all pretty much have been doing more RL things for now. So being able to get together tonight is super nice. :)

They opened up registration for summer camp counselors already and I'm kind of bummed that I can't do it. I was hoping to have a new computer by now but it hasn't been possible. I run slow and sluggish and being around that many kids daily, I'd be crashing left and right. So I'll just have to stay behind and send my kiddos off to camp. This will be Brianna's first time ever, and I know Abby is excited to have her sister go with her. I'm crossing my fingers that they get into the same cabin, but cabin assignments are totally random. Well, except for the boys since there aren't as many of them and they all get in the same cabin. Still, I hope they do get in the same cabin! It'll be easier on me if I can get them both all the same color stuff. *laughs*

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Now how about I'd be the last voice you hear tonight?

From Yesterday: I have a parcel available on Bluebonnet! It's a small parcel, 2944sqm and 673 prims, and is a corner lot. It is NOT pre-decorated, you get to do all of that. :) We're a fairly quiet, family friendly sim. If you're interested, send me an IM in world, or if you have me on plurk, you can private plurk me there and I'll give more details!

The girls went to bed early tonight, so Aldwyn and I just hung out on the deck tonight. I was unboxing bikinis and then I stumbled onto some old dance HUDs, so he had to put up with me dancing around for the night.

Now how about I'd be the last voice you hear tonight?

It makes me laugh when people say, "I wanted to IM you but I figured you guys would be doing stuff together." Yeah, um. Most nights? We're on skype while he's fixing stuff on other computers while I dance around like a jerk trying on different clothes and singing. That's how we do! *laughs*

But almost every night, we're each other's last goodnight. Even if that goodnight is while I'm dancing like a jerk in a bikini and huge floppy hat.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Parcel open, and hey, we got a deck!

To start off: I have a parcel available on Bluebonnet! It's a small parcel, 2944sqm and 673 prims, and is a corner lot. It is NOT pre-decorated, you get to do all of that. :) We're a fairly quiet, family friendly sim. If you're interested, send me an IM in world, or if you have me on plurk, you can private plurk me there and I'll give more details!

So I've been wanting to do something with our backyard. We have the little garden that I have the gnomes and fairies in, but I really wanted a pool and a deck thing. But good grief. Some people in SL are charging ridiculous amounts for a pool area! You'd think we were buying a real pool! Sorry, but $2500L for a big prim with a water prim in it is not happening.

When The Arcade started, Abby really wanted the pool from The Loft. It's a simple thing, just an above ground round pool. When she got it, she gave it to me. It's sat out in our backyard for a few days and I kept thinking that I wanted to use it, but I didn't want to just stick it in the yard. I looked at tons of pictures and searched all over and then suddenly tonight I got inspiration after looking at the hot tub set Trompe Loeil has out at FaMESHed.

So I built with regular ol' prims and I textured with some old wood floor textures and I yelled when SL would undo my work and I'd do it again and I laughed as my girls almost drowned themselves twice in the ocean and I set out items from different sets and then it was done. It's not perfect, but it's pretty much just what I wanted.

Our new backyard deck

To celebrate our new deck, we had dinner outside. Birdy got grounded for saying dinner is a once a month event, and Abby got grounded for reasons, and Aldwyn got grounded not liking pickles, but it was a pretty good time to just hang out together as a family and talk about our day. And they all get grounded pretty much daily, so I'm starting to think they're not taking me seriously.

Dinner time on the deck

After our little ones headed off to bed, Aldwyn and I decided to break in the new hot tub and hang out for a while longer.

A hot tub soak before bed

I definitely see us enjoying our new deck this summer! I have to do a little landscaping and decorating around it still, but I'm pretty darn pleased with myself.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ever So Spoiled!

It's been 4 days into The Arcade and I'm almost completely finished with my list! Well, wait. I mean... Aldwyn is almost finished with my list. *laughs* See, being married to a fashion blogger often has its drawbacks in that he can almost never gift me with items because I already blog for most of my favorite stores, and the other ones, I just shop immediately. So The Arcade is when he gets to shine and get me the things I want most. Plus, I can't make it TO the actual event because my computer is crap. In fact, Sunday was AWFUL because I actually woke up to a dead computer. Omg, I was freaking out! I do a lot of things [non-SL related] online and to be without my computer would be terrible. Luckily it was just an overheated processor. Did you know you have to actually open your computer up and clean it? *snickers*

But Aldwyn has gotten me almost everything on my list, my girls picked up some items from me, my niece gave me some things, and I've shopped our Yard Sale like crazy. I'm just so thrilled with everything! The little fairies from Ohmai and the gnomes from Mutresse make my heart smile.

Ever So Spoiled

I've rezzed some of the fairy companions and made them bigger and put them in the garden with the gnomes. You'll see it tomorrow in my style blog when I finally get my picture up. But I couldn't resist taking this pic. If you read my style blog, you'll see them in the picture. Since most people who read that one don't read this one, it's like y'all get something extra! [Well, kind of? LOL]

I've had a super long day, though, so I think I'm going to bed. Oh, btw, if you have Arcade trades you want to make, Aldwyn has a whole list here. He's pretty good at trading! :)