Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 31 & Cracks & Shows


That was me at about 5am wondering "Where the hell do you find sculpted ice cubes in SL?"

Because see, if you didn't know, the SL Bloggers Meet-Up for December is being hosted on Bluebonnet, and I'm making the dance area. Unfortunately, my skills are not as good as my ideas. LOL More on that later.

So like, I don't get something lately in SL.

What's up with the whole Asscrackapalooza that's running rampant?


I never have considered myself a prude. I regularly show quite a bit of leg because I happen to like it. Or I'll show cleavage and cover my legs up some to balance things out. And in private, I'll strut around in skimpy little outfits. But the asscrack fashion, I don't GET. Why? And don't give me that crap about how it's SL and you should do everything in SL that you won't do in RL. Whatever, I don't buy it. Give me a good, honest, solid reason behind why I should be showing crack to the world. The bad thing is that I honestly like a lot of the clothes that show all the crack. I just wish they covered my butt. Would it be impossible to make a low rise pair of pants that aren't crack showers? And hey, you know what? Sure, show the top a little if you HAVE to. But 6 inches of crack is just tacky.

And of course, that's all my opinion.

So for an event I won't show my crack for.... I'm walking the runway for the Winterstock fashion show this Friday at 7pm SLT. I am...well, I'm nervous. LOL Not terribly so, but still there's that little frantic "Omg, what if I mess up?!" going through my head at the moment. It's my first show with the SilverStar agency, so I really really want to do well. I hope some of my friends can come out for it. I think that will make a big difference if I have some support out in the audience. And hey, it's pretty clothes. Who doesn't want to see pretty clothes?

I need to go shopping. I had to diffuse a crisis with my mom earlier and I'm simply drained. I know that this is why I don't work, so I can be there any time, day or night, that she needs me. But it's still draining to have to hear her crying because she's gotten herself all worked up again. But, it's what I do, so there ya go. So I think I deserve something nice today.


Anonymous said...

I will try my best to be there for the fashion show. <3

I don't get the ass crack thing either. I refuse to buy clothes that show ass crack. lol

Emerald Wynn said...

Aw, Ali! Your crack is cute! :D

Sarra Foggarty said...

Nice shorts. and I will definitely try and show up. If not to blog it, to support you!