Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 40 & Busy Bee

I've been a busy bee in SL lately. Which, you know, is probably a good thing. But checking my calendar, Friday is the last day I have anything officially scheduled this month. I'm sure something will pop up. :)

So what's happening Friday? The Musashi-Do fashion show!

Show invite

I'm walking in this one and DJing it. I know, he's a total slavedriver. :-p I'm actually really starting to like doing runway shows. I was quite happy as just a live or print model, but runway is just fun. Plus the models for SilverStar are AWESOME and they keep me laughing the whole time we're doing shows.

I kinda think I should wear this hair for the show. Think I can get away with it?

Oh maybe?

That's hair from Tukinowaguma. Darn that Emerald for talking about it one day. LOL! The hair over there is just so NUTS. I love it.

Speaking of Emerald, she passed me something last night because she wanted me to look gangsta with her and Heidi.

I have some crazy friends. LOL


That's going to be my photo for Day 40. :)

My friend Gwendolyn asked me to DJ an ice skating party over on her sim, Hallelujah Azul, tonight at 6pm. It should be nice. I'll be doing jazz, soft pop, and holiday tunes. That's always fun for me, to play all the pretty love songs that I adore. :) You guys should come out, there will be gifts and Santa!

I better get back to doing stuff.