Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Off Day

I'm having an "off" day today. Mostly because I'm coming down with a cold, I think. But, I need to shake off the bad because I'm DJing for holiday party tonight. :)

A few days ago, my friend Shiryu asked if I'd put on one of his Brocade Princess dresses and pose with him for an ad for his store. Wear a gorgeous dress and pose with a handsome man? Yeah, let me think twice about it. LOL I figured he'd just use it for the store, like for profile picks and landmarks. Little did I know...

I'm tall!

He made the photo 80 feet tall for his satellite store out at Frank's Place!! And yes, I was vain enough to go look at myself. Who wouldn't do that? :)

That is, btw, one of the gowns I'll be modeling in the Winterstock fashion show on Friday.

Don't forget that the SL Blogger Meet-Up for December is being hosted on Bluebonnet on Sunday at 12pm SLT. Guenevere DeCuir is DJing, so it should be great. :) The dance area isn't ready yet, but if you want to come sit on Santa's lap or ice skate on the rink with Frosty, be my guest. The parcel will be closed except to Bluebonnet residents & a few others on Saturday evening until the party just so I can finish working on the area. :) Remember, everyone is invited to the party!

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