Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 47 & Holiday Blues


Emerald gave me a monkey for Christmas. The thing jumps around the house. How awesome is THAT?! LOL!! Thanks, Em!!

So, I admit it, I'm not in the Christmas spirit. I mean, I guess I am a bit. I've enjoyed decorating in SL and I'll have fun baking 2 cakes tonight in the physical world. But I don't know... I was saying yesterday that it just seems everyone else is way more excited for the holiday than I am. I guess part of me feels like I should be doing more? more gifts and taking a holiday picture of myself to pass around like my friends are doing. And it probably doesn't help that every time I do get a little excited, someone brings up all the poor starving children or the homeless or people who can't be with their loved ones for the holiday. It's like you aren't allowed to just be happy, you have to always always think of the less fortunate.

I don't know. I guess some people simply get blue during the holidays. I'm sure it will pass.

I've been given a new and bigger hard drive for Christmas [not that I asked for it, or needed it] and I'm supposed to be copying files over to it. That's how we roll around here...practical as usual. lol

At least I have a monkey.

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