Thursday, December 31, 2009

My favorite party of 2009!!

I can't even begin to describe how much fun tonight's New Year's Eve Eve party was!!!'s some pics!

Me, right before the party started.

New Year's Eve Eve - Right before the party

When did all these people get here?!

New Year's Eve Eve - What a crowd!

Uh, hello? Could I be any luckier dancing near Fricker Fraker, Shiryu Musashi, and Gahum Riptide, three of the most awesome men on the grid? I think not!

New Year's Eve Eve - Could I be luckier?

Also, could I be more up on Gahum? LMAO! That's Sehra's hand poking out there, btw.

New Year's Eve Eve - Hot guys and me!

Eva & Nikki looking super hot. I thought Eva had come in with a longer dress. I guess she lost it. Oh! Like on the Buffy movie when Pike stepped on her dress and ripped half of it off!

New Year's Eve Eve - Eva & Nikki

Fricker, dancing with Gorgeous Yongho and Wilma Delgado. Wilma made her way straight to the bar!

New Year's Eve Eve - Gogo, Fricker & Wilma

Everyone crowding around the big sign. Oh hiiiii, Shelly & Dazz on top!

New Year's Eve Eve - Hi guys!

By the end of the party, which had gone on an hour longer than I thought it would, I was looking rough. And I lost my shoes.

New Year's Eve Eve - I lost my shoes

Did you ever wonder what I was like in my early 20s? Here ya go.

New Year's Eve Eve - I didn't make it inside

There are many more pictures, including some of the new year kisses under the sign that I caught, over here in this Flickr set. I have more pics, actually, but I need to sort through and crop and all that so I'll probably get to those tomorrow.

I think my caffeine and party energy has FINALLY worn off, so I'm going to go crash into bed. If I'm up before noon, it will be a MIRACLE!

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