Friday, December 4, 2009

So you're kidding, right?

Plurk is really fun for me because that's basically where I hear all the latest going on in SL. Earlier today Rai Blaylock showed us a Christmas tree on XStreet. A $40,000L Christmas tree. Nope, I did not add in extra zeros. $40,000L. $170 USD.

Being curious, I ran out to the store at Sculptie Wonder island to check out this tree. I mean, for $40,000L, it should be a wonderous thing, right? Or maybe - MAYBE - the designer was just drunk when posting that ad on XStreet and the real price of the tree is $400L.

The tree itself? Well, it's nice.

$40,000L Tree

It's big, it's pretty. There are some nice presents underneath. Even the ornaments have a "reflection" of the candles that isn't half bad.

Yeah, it's nice, but...

But is it $40,000L worth of pretty? Not by a long shot. The edges of the "skirts" of pine needles [for lack of a better term] are not completely good, and by the time you get to the top of the tree, it's like the creator lost interest and it's basically just a cone. Certainly this is not $40,000L. It couldn't be.

Oh wait. It is. And it's 494 prims!

No, really, it IS that expensive.

This is one of those times where I want to IM the designer and ask, "Well honey, do you want to sell it or do you just want to stare at it?"

I'm all for designers charging what they feel is right for their products. I have friends who ask me what I think they should charge because they're unsure. If you go too high for something, there's the chance people will not buy it because they don't think it's worth it. Going too low can sometimes make other shoppers think maybe it's not quality work. But there is a mid-range point that seems to work, and I think designers owe it to themselves to head out to other stores to check out prices on similar items. If you're making something no one else has ever done before in SL [and good luck with that], then sure. You get to set the standard. A Christmas tree? C'mon. Get real.

Will I be getting this tree? But, if I don't end up getting banned from there for writing this post, I might go out and enjoy it sometimes. :)


Adric said...

I wonder how much a nice Charlie Brown Christmas like tree goes for.

Fewer prims and dollars.

Shattered said...

Not only did the greator barf prims everywhere, the sucker isn't even proportionate. The "presents" under the tree look to be as big as your av.

But then again, is this tree really sculpties?

And what the heck, it's only copy? If people can't transfer it to another av, at least friggin make it mod.

I'd be curious to see if anyone purchased one of these. I don't think I'd even pay $400L for it, because really, the quality isn't that great, and I would have to make it less of a mutant tree on crack.