Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 48 & Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

I had my last visit with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Last Santa visit

We've had many talks over the past month, Santa and me. But on Christmas Eve, I whispered to him what I really wanted. What I wish for is that he bring all of my loved ones every wonderful thing their hearts desire. What I hope for is health, luck, love, and happiness for them for the new year. And then I made one special wish for myself, but that one remains with me. :)

I spent some time with GoSpeed tonight, just sitting in my home and chatting. It was nice to spend some time with her. :) Then I headed out for a Christmas Eve dance, and by the time I got back...

He's gone!

Santa was gone.

In my physical world, I'm having a white Christmas for the first time in my life. :) It's pretty amazing, but unfortunately because of it, my parents want me to stay home tomorrow because they want me to stay safe. I'm not an exceptionally awesome driver even on dry land, but trust me, in this area, people can't drive in snow/ice at all. I'm bummed out, though, because you's Christmas. Instead I'll cook my big meal that I had planned on making for them and we'll just eat it here.

I did get my Christmas gift early, though. A new graphics card and a much bigger hard drive! I am in love with the new card. My SL has never looked as good and it runs so so smoothly.

Oh, and just to have a non-Christmas 365 day blog project I am in the Free Speerit group gift. It's the not-yet-released Maya skin, which is free under the tree at the store. There are 4 skins, 2 makeups in 2 skin tones. I'm wearing Glamour in pale. I think it's pretty. :)

Free Speerit's gift, Maya

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avagdro said...

So cute pictures indeed.Thank you Alicia Chenaux for sharing.Wish you n all a Happy Merry Christmas.

Keep Smiling!
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