Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buying for men is hard!

So Aldwyn's been mentioning that our tv is broken. I dunno why he cares. I mean, it's the holiday hiatus. There's really not much on. But when I wanted to watch something today, well...that's when I got mad that it's broken!

Stupid tv

I have a little technical training, so I tried to fix it. I jiggled the wires. I blew in the back of the tv. I jiggled the antenna [you think he'd spring for some cable up in this house]. I even tried putting foil on top of the antenna tips! Finally I pulled out the last trick in my arsenal of tech knowledge.

I'm fixing it

But then I realized that I've yet to get him a Christmas gift so hey! A brand new television would be the perfect gift, am I right?? What man doesn't like electronics for Christmas? I quickly ran out and stopped in at the first television store I saw.

It didn't go so well. There were just too many options and all the televisions were as big as the house! Then Christina Aguilera and some guy started singing and wailing and I had to run out of there.

I need to get out of here

The next television store didn't go over so well, either. The televisions were, again, of monster proportions. I'm not about to let some huge ugly tv in the house to mess with the decor! Oh, and not only that, but they sold... well, see?

I can't get him that!

He can keep that stuff out in the garage, if he wants to.

I don't know. Maybe we're just not meant to have a new television. Do you think he'll like socks for Christmas?

You think he wants socks

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