Friday, May 16, 2014

You'll Be In My Heart

Tonight was scouts night, and since we're winding down for the season [there is a 2 month summer break], the kids had a make-up badge night so that if anyone didn't get their fishing badge, they could get it tonight.

Bumblebee Fishing, Take 2 - 1

After scouts, usually the family hangs out for a bit, but tonight as the kids were saying goodbye to us, we looked around and OUR kids were gone! It was then that Takeo told us that they actually had a late Mother's Day surprise for Lolita and me! How sweet is that??

We were tped over to the Oleanders' home and were met with gifts and the kids choreographed a dance to "You'll Be In My Heart" for us! I wasn't able to get a good picture, so here's a gif that my sister did of the kids. :)

It was just all so sweet! We seriously have just the best kidlets in SL.

For our gift? The kids got pictures done by Melaniebianca Lyric! I have been wanting to get a picture done for the girls, so this was really just the best gift they could have gotten me! Riley, Payton, and Raven had one done for Lolita, too! This is the one of my girls.


It was just such a great night, and great to have everyone together. The next couple of days will be different because Aldwyn will be out of town tomorrow night and busy Saturday, and Abby is busy Saturday, too, so it might be Sunday until we're all together again. Maybe the girls and I can work on the post I keep meaning to do on how to enter the kid and family community with as few issues as possible.

But right now I'm sleepy and happy, so I'm going to bed while I'm still smiling.

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