Monday, April 27, 2009

My new house!!

So as I mentioned last week, I was temporarily staying on a sky platform with a cutesy little pink house, my bubble chairs, and my bunnies while I hunted for a new home. When my good friend, and awesome builder, Noelyci Ingmann of Ingmann Design Group stepped in and said he would custom build me a house if I gave him an idea as to what I liked, I jumped at the chance! After all, this would be the first home in SL that was completely mine, and I did so want it to be very ME. I also knew that he'd be more likely to not hate me if I asked for 50 revisions. I am quite picky and since this was going to be my first custom built home, I wanted it to be perfect for me.

I knew vaguely what I wanted. I have always loved loft style homes, but I wanted it bigger than a traditional loft. I wanted it spacious, with lots of windows and light, but also with enough wall space for art work and my 50,000 photos that Skyhawke has done. I wanted defined areas for the bedroom, kitchen, and bath. I also wanted a new office, although I didn't specify that at first. It would be a skybox, but I wanted it to also be able to be beautiful enough to have down on the ground. I needed a door as well, because I knew I'd have it on a platform and eventually make my own garden or patio [or both]. So I told him all of that, and gave him a couple of pics that I kinda liked, and to his credit, he didn't ask me, "Are you nuts?"

A few days later he had me come out to his sandbox to look at what he'd done so far. I really kind of braced myself to say "Well...can you...." LOL But immediately I loved it. And I do NOT fall for houses right away. EVER. It was just so me, though! Then on Friday he let me know that it was totally ready. The girls and I hopped over, since I just had to show them.

House party

I am SO SO happy with this house!! Except it was a lot bigger than I thought it really was. LOL I thought I could just expand my existing platform a little bit but I ended up doubling it. But oh, I just love it!!!!

A full view.

My new house

Downstairs. The counters will be the kitchen area, once I find a kitchen. LOL There are also two rooms with doors that I'll set up as my bath & office areas. Yes, that's me hanging on my Kahei cutout that Laleeta made. Don't judge! And yes, the walls are pink!


Upstairs will be my bedroom/personal living space. I know, I know. The whole thing is a personal living space. :-p But you know what I mean. Bookshelves, big comfy chairs, etc. The furniture up there currently may or may not stay. I'm not sure yet. I've just been setting things out to see what I have.


From the bedroom there are a set of stairs and a door which leads to the rooftop party deck! You all know how much I adore entertaining, and it's so so perfect for me. I think I may make it into a rooftop garden party area. Flowers, potted trees, etc.


Do you love it? I sure do. :)

If you want your own loft, guess what? It's for sale! Until May 1st, you can get it at IDG for $1000L, and then it'll go to its regular price of $1200L. It's 30x40, which I think fits on a 1024? It's 131 prims and modifiable. You don't get the counters, though. Those are just mine. :-p

Of course, now I need to furnish the place. This...yeah, I guess for a while I'll give up hunting for shoes and hair and start hunting for bathtubs and chairs. I also plan on doing a pool and patio area, and a garden so my bunnies can come back up, and and and.... LOL And THEN we'll have a massive housewarming party!

Go get your own house! I want to see how you do it!

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Noelyci said...

This was fun to build, and I'm truly glad you like it. I'm stealing this post as marketing material.